May 29

In this article I will go through the steps for creating and structuring a Windows Phone 7 app in Visual Studio 2010. In an earlier article I did some sketching and analysing for the PinCodeKeeper app and I will now start developing this application.

I will not go through the steps for installing Windows Phone Developer tools, if you have not all ready installed these tools have a look at this article: Installing Windows Phone Developer Tools. I am using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with the latest Windows Phone Developer Tools installed.

Create a Windows Phone project

In Visual Studio 2010 select “New project” –> “Silverlight for Windows Phone” –> “Windows Phone Application”. Then give the project a name and click “OK”, I named my project “PinCodeKeeper”.

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May 06

Quite a while ago when I started doing Windows Phone 7 development I was looking for a good book to start with and I bought the Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development book written by Henry Lee and Eugene Chuvyrov. This turned out to be a very good choice, the book covers the most important parts of Windows Phone 7 development, filled with good code examples and is well written.

The book consists of two parts, 19 chapters and 458 pages.

Part 1: The Essentials of Windows Phone 7 Application Development

  • Introducing Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Phone Platform
  • Building Windows Phone 7 Applications
  • Using Cloud Services As Data Stores
  • Catching and Debugging Errors
  • Packaging, Publishing and Managing Applications

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Apr 19

Occasionally I will write some articles exclusively for DZone, this time I have written a series of 3 articles covering push notification for Windows Phone 7 using SQL Azure and Cloud services.

Part 1/3

Covers how to create the SQL Azure tables that will be used to store notification subscription information and how to create a WCF Cloud service that communicates with the SQL Azure database and pushes toast notification to subscribing phones.

Read the article at DZone: Push Notifications for Windows Phone 7 using SQL Azure and Cloud services – Part 1/3

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Mar 18

Together with Alexander Viken I am running and organizing the Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC), this post pretty much sums up what WPDC has done until now and will be doing in the future.

WPDC was founded in October 2009 and we have had 6 meetups since then. We started WPDC because we wanted to create a community for Norwegian Windows Phone developers and arrange quarterly meetings where members meet, network and enjoy interesting presentations.

Today WPDC has around 150 members and at average 30-40 members attends the quarterly meetings. We are glad to see that these numbers continue to increase.

WPDC has had presentations covering marketplace, usability, application presentations, development patterns & best practices. Phone vendors have presented their WP7 phones and our sponsor Glasspaper arranged a WP7 quiz where the winner got a course worth 3500 USD.

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Jul 08

The Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community are together with Microsoft Norway hosting a Windows Phone 7 application contest. The three best Windows Phone 7 applications/games entered in this contest will win a HTC Windows Phone 7 device!

Who can participate in this contest

Anyone located in Norway and a member of Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC) can enter in this contest. If you are not a member of WPDC you can free of charge become a member by registering at WPDC’s group at The content in this group is only available in Norwegian at the moment, but everyone located in Norway are welcome to join us.

The contest

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Apr 01

It is quite easy to get started developing applications on the Windows Phone 7 Series platform.

Before you start you need to download and install the Windows Phone Developer Tools which includes:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone Emulator

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