May 06

The Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC) will have a meetup in Oslo 26th May.

It’ s now under three weeks until the next quarterly meetup for WPDC and the meetup will as usual take place at The Scotsman pub in Oslo. The evening will be filled with two great sessions held by Einar Ingebrigtsen and Gøran Hansen. There will also be a quiz with great prices held by our sponsor Glasspaper AS.

Einar Ingebrigtsen is a Microsoft Silverlight MVP and creator of Balder (a 3D engine for Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, XNA and OpenGL). He will talk about XNA, Silverlight and how to create 3D graphics for Windows Phone 7.

Gøran Hansen is a Microsoft Client Application Development MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. He will talk about Domain Driven Design (DDD) and how this can be used for mobile application projects.

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Mar 18

Together with Alexander Viken I am running and organizing the Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC), this post pretty much sums up what WPDC has done until now and will be doing in the future.

WPDC was founded in October 2009 and we have had 6 meetups since then. We started WPDC because we wanted to create a community for Norwegian Windows Phone developers and arrange quarterly meetings where members meet, network and enjoy interesting presentations.

Today WPDC has around 150 members and at average 30-40 members attends the quarterly meetings. We are glad to see that these numbers continue to increase.

WPDC has had presentations covering marketplace, usability, application presentations, development patterns & best practices. Phone vendors have presented their WP7 phones and our sponsor Glasspaper arranged a WP7 quiz where the winner got a course worth 3500 USD.

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Oct 02

Windows Phone Developer Community announced together with Microsoft Norway the Norwegian WP7 app contest back in June this year. The contest closed for submissions 30th August and the winners was announced at the Windows Phone Developer Community 30th September.

I had the pleasure to be a part of the jury that elected the winners among the contributions and it was not easy to chose 3 applications to win. It was a high level in the contest and a lot of great and creative applications.

The winners are:

Sigurd Snørteland with his Channel9 application. You can read more about Sigurd and the Channel9 application at his blog.

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Jul 08

The Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community are together with Microsoft Norway hosting a Windows Phone 7 application contest. The three best Windows Phone 7 applications/games entered in this contest will win a HTC Windows Phone 7 device!

Who can participate in this contest

Anyone located in Norway and a member of Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC) can enter in this contest. If you are not a member of WPDC you can free of charge become a member by registering at WPDC’s group at The content in this group is only available in Norwegian at the moment, but everyone located in Norway are welcome to join us.

The contest

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May 02

The MSDN & TechNet Live tour 2010 in Norway visited Oslo as the final destination 26th April. Microsoft invited me to join them on this tour and to be on their Windows Phone stand, off-course I accepted this invitation.

I was not able to be in all of the four cities this tour visited, but I got to be in Stavanger and Oslo. The period this tour lasted was the same period that Norway and the rest of Europe had to shut down the air traffic because of the ash cloud from the volcano eruption on Iceland. This caused some difficulties for the crew, speakers and partners to get to the different cities. Despite the difficulties the tour was completed successfully.

Facts from my car computer: Oslo - Stavanger - Oslo

I needed to travel by car from Oslo to Stavanger and this is normally an 8 hours drive each way. We thought that it would be exciting to drive from Oslo to Stavanger via a route we had never driven before and ended up on a spectacular and very long drive. During the drive we had all the 4 seasons with sunny weather in Oslo, snow storm at a mountain passage (1060 meter above the sea level) and rainy weather in the long valleys. Easy to say we took the safe 8 hours drive route back home to Oslo :)

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Feb 12

Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC) announced the program for their second meetup today. The event will take place at The Scotsman in Oslo 4th March and is now open for registration.

The program for this evening is very good and I encourage everyone interested in Windows Mobile/Phone development to attend (speeches are in Norwegian).


  • Frank Dahle will talk about usability and design for small screen devices.
  • Ronny Gydar and Trine Nesland from Gydar Industries will talk about their applications and how they use the Windows Mobile technology (.Net CF 3.5).
  • Kristine Bjørnstad, acting Windows Phone lead in Microsoft Norway will talk about the news announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Dec 04

global_11237958Yesterday was a historic day for the Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community. The first meeting for this community was successfully held at NITH.

12 members attended and we started the meeting with pizza and a discussion about the goals and visions for this community. We find it important to be able to meet other Windows Phone/Mobile developers so that we can share experience and knowledge within this community. It is also very inspiring to listen to other developers talking about their projects and applications.

We want this community to become a natural meeting place for Windows Phone/Mobile developers in the future and I honestly think we can make that happen.

Alexander Viken and Jørn Mikal Jensen (both colleagues of mine from ErgoGroup) presented and demonstrated Bring Online Terminal. This is a Windows Mobile solution developed for the Norwegian postal services and are currently running on 9000 PDAs!

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Oct 17

windows phoneFinally, we have decided to start a Windows Phone Developer Community in Norway. I will do this together with my good colleague Alexander Viken and we will be responsible for running and facilitating this community. Before we started this group we discussed it and had a meeting with Microsoft Norway, so they are supporting this initiative and will help us getting hold of good and interesting speakers for the upcoming meetings.

The purpose of this community is to have a place where Windows Mobile/Phone developers can meet and exchange knowledge within this field. In the near future we will create a website for this community with a forum, blog posts and useful information. We have created a meetup group were we will announce all meetings and events. We have scheduled the first meeting for this group Thursday, 3th December in Oslo. This will be the start up meeting were we will present the group and discuss what this group should do from this point on. We are also looking for persons that are interesting in helping us organize and facilitate the community.

You can find the Windows Phone Developer Community at and read more about the group and the upcoming meeting 3th December (text in Norwegian).

I’m really looking forward to be a part of this group and meet other Windows Phone developers. I hope to see you there! Continue reading »

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