Jan 08

We have entered 2010 and I am now actually enjoying (a lot of people are complaining) the cold and nice winter weather in Oslo (20 degrees Celsius below freezing). I have had a hectic start on this year preparing the start up of a large national project. This is very exciting and I find this a promising start on 2010.

2009 was the year that I started this blog. It has been interesting writing the posts and communicating with my readers. I have also learned a lot in 2009 and I will for sure continue writing posts on topics I find interesting.

To summarize 2009 I will list my top ten posts in 2009. This list is created based on visitors stats and my own rating of the posts (there are always some posts that you are more proud of and have spent more time writing than others).

Creating gradient background with transparent labels in .NET Compact Framework

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Jul 08

I am getting more and more familiar with VMware Player since I use it almost every day in my current project. When I restarted my computer and the image after an unexpected shutdown I got this message: This virtual machine appears to be in use. This post lets you know how to easily get your image up and running again.

virtual machine in use

Above you can see the alert box I got when I tried to start my image in the VMware Player. The configuration file only tells you the path to your image, I added a censor strip since the path revealed my customer name.

  1. Go to the configuration file path (where you have you image)
  2. There you will find some folders with .lck ending (this is the locking file state)
  3. In my case three folders (imagename.vmem.lck, imagename.vmdk.lck and imagename.vmx.lck)
  4. Delete those folders
  5. Restart your image

This did the trick for me :)

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Jul 06

VMvareToday I could not start my VMware image any more, it started restoring virtual machine state and hung when 1/3 of the progress bar was completed. Not only did the VMware player hang but also all other programs on my computer. All shortcuts like (alt + F4) and (ctrl + alt + del) gave me no response as well, to get out of this situation I needed to hold down the power on/off button and restart my machine.

I looked at some documentation for the VMware player and found the solution, very easy to fix and I thought that I should share this with you.

I am using the VMware player 2.5.2, you can download it from VMware player download page (free version).
Go to the folder where you keep your image and delete the .vmss (VMware suspended virtual machine state) file. Now you can restart your image and everything should work fine. By deleting the .vmss file you will lose all unsaved data from your previous session.

I know why this happened to my image: I manually restarted my machine while the image was running. This lead to a corrupted virtual machine state and therefore it hung. Why the rest of my computer hangs when this happens I don’t know (running Vista).

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