Jul 07

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my blog readers to directly retweet my posts. First I started to install and test several WordPress plugins for this but I just couldn’t seem to find one that I liked. Some of them are to massive and are showing information about how many and who has retweeted your post, I don’t need that. Other required the Twitter Anywhere connection and the user must accept that the retweet application on my blog can connect directly to their Twitter account, I don’t want to force my readers to do this. I decided to create the Retweet functionality by myself so I would have full control on the behavior. This post will tell you step by step how to achieve this.

First I wanted to shorten the post url by using, I am not a php expert or familiar with the API so I googled and found the php code needed for using to shorten my url. I found a great example at in a post called Automatically Create a URL for WordPress Posts. Just follow the steps in the referred post at to achieve this.  I did a minor modification to the code to make it work in my WordPress : I added “<? php” before the code and  “?>” after the code. I also added the “if function exists” check.

The complete code to add in your functions.php file:

//create url
if ( !function_exists(‘bitly’) ) {
function bitly()
//login information
$url = get_permalink(); //generates wordpress’ permalink
$login = ‘yourbitlyusername’; //your login
$apikey = ‘yourbitlyapikey’; // apikey
$format = ‘json’; //choose between json or xml
$version = ‘2.0.1’;

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Jul 19

It is always a good thing to have as many readers as possible on your blog. To increase the number of readers it is important to make it easy for them to both follow your blog posts and share your posts on social networks.

I will show you how you very easy can add icons with links for rss feed, twitter, delicious, stumbleupon, technorati and digg.

I have chosen to have the RSS feed and Twitter icon on the top of my left side bar. This is how you do can do this in WordPress.

Insert in the very beginning of sidebar.php

<div style="text-align:center; padding-top:5px;">
<a href="YOURRSSFEEDURL"><img title="Subscribe to my feeds"
 src="RSSFEEDICONURL" alt="Subscribe to my feeds" /></a>
<a href="YOURTWITTERURL"><img title="Follow me on Twitter"
 src="TWITTERICONURL" alt="Follow me on Twitter" /></a>

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May 11

I love playing with technology and I’m often developing applications just for fun and to explore possibilities. Since I’m in the mobile business I now want to develop an application for Windows Mobile devices. I have several ideas on what to make, but I want to know what the application of your dreams are. To find out I posted this tweet on Twitter:

What’s the Windows Mobile application of your dreams? I will pick the best suggestion, develop it and distribute it for free! #WinMo

This post will be updated with the replies I get from the twitter community and when I get enough suggestions I will as stated pick on of them to develop and distribute for free. I might also post some “behind the scenes” source code while doing so.

When I have found the perfect idea for an application I will write a post with details about the chosen application. Comments to this post will also be added to the suggestion list.

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