Oct 18

The Run Smart With Me (RSWM) application is my Windows Mobile pet project and I have now decided on and designed the system architecture for this project.

The application will be built for the Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK with the .Net Compact Framework 3.5 version.

This project will be based on the Model View Presenter pattern (previous post about MVP). I have created a solution in Visual Studio 2008 called RunSmartWithMe, to this solution I have added 6 projects:

  • RunSmartWithMe: This is the startup project where I will have the main class and all my screens
  • RunSmartWithMe.Mvp: In this project I have created a namespace for Model, View and Presenter. In Model I will place business objects that I use in my application. In View I will keep the interfaces describing the views. In Presenter I will keep the interfaces describing the presenters and also the class implementation of the presenters.
  • RunSmartWithMe.Util: In this project I will place all my utility classes used through the application.
  • RunSmartWithMe.Dal: This is my Data Access Layer responsible for retrieving and storing data.
  • TechCon.Ui: In this project I will place all my custom controls and user controls.
  • TechCon.HardWare: In this project I will place all classes concerning hardware integration, in this specific project it will be the GPS unit on the device.

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