Jan 08

We have entered 2010 and I am now actually enjoying (a lot of people are complaining) the cold and nice winter weather in Oslo (20 degrees Celsius below freezing). I have had a hectic start on this year preparing the start up of a large national project. This is very exciting and I find this a promising start on 2010.

2009 was the year that I started this blog. It has been interesting writing the posts and communicating with my readers. I have also learned a lot in 2009 and I will for sure continue writing posts on topics I find interesting.

To summarize 2009 I will list my top ten posts in 2009. This list is created based on visitors stats and my own rating of the posts (there are always some posts that you are more proud of and have spent more time writing than others).

Creating gradient background with transparent labels in .NET Compact Framework

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Sep 16

surface_musicI have been very fascinated by the Microsoft Surface since the first time I tried it (earlier post about my first experience with Microsoft Surface). The development kit have now been available for quite a while and I was curious about what kind of applications have been developed.

This post is a quick summary of the different applications I have found so far.

You have off course the standard applications: surfing, newspaper reader, music player, map ++ but I want to find out if there are any creative and new applications being developed.

Razorfish Emerging Experiences have developed several MS Surface applications. I liked the table toss application where you toss bean bags on a target and get your score calculated. Other applications from Razorfish: Physics Illustrator, Financial Services, Staff Directory and AT&T Retail. Looks like a very interesting team founded in 2008 stating: “The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals focused solely on emerging experiences and technologies”.

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Jul 07

Finally the summer has arrived and vacation time is closing in. During the summer and especially during my vacation I will spend as little time in front of the PC as possible, but I still want to be able to access the most important services. Luckily the amount of mobile applications have exploded the last years and you can find an application for almost everything these days. You also find a lot of creative not so useful but quite interesting applications. tweeted about one of these not so useful but fun applications earlier today:

IntoMobile: Mobile app tips you when to have a restroom break during movies

I will list the applications I have installed on my HTC Touch Pro that I will be using this summer as a desktop/laptop replacement. As you can see from the list below the most important for me this summer is to be able to check/send e-mails and to follow/participate in my social networks on the net.

PockeTwit (Windows Mobile app)

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Jul 07

MyMobileRUsually I use SOTI Pocket Controller when I want to remote control a Windows Mobile device (post about SOTI Pocket Controller). Today I were working on a laptop with no remote control software installed and since SOTI is licenced I started looking for a freeware application. I found MyMobileR and it took me 5 minutes to install active sync, MyMobileR and connect my HTC Touch Pro to the laptop.

MyMobileR works very well and have the most important functionalities for a remote control application:

  • View the mobile device screen on your PC and use it with you mouse pointer
  • Take screen shots
  • Record videos
  • Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Rotate screen
  • Open file explorer for the mobile device

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Jun 20

pet-projectFor a while ago I asked on twitter and on my blog what the Windows Mobile application of your dreams are (earlier post asking about what kind of application I should develop). I did this to find inspiration on what kind of application I should develop when I’m now starting a new pet project. It’s always interesting listening to what kind of applications other people would like to have on their mobile devices.

I got several good suggestions but in the end I decided to take the first Windows Mobile application I made and develop it from scratch again. This was an application using the GPS on your device to track your movement and calculate current speed, average speed, distance covered, timer +++ The application were meant to be used when running to help you track progress and see all detailed information you often wonder about when you are done exercising.

I want to share my work with you on this project so as I start working on it I will write posts with code examples on how I do it. When this project is done, I will distribute it for free to you to enjoy:)

Why have a pet project?

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May 11

I love playing with technology and I’m often developing applications just for fun and to explore possibilities. Since I’m in the mobile business I now want to develop an application for Windows Mobile devices. I have several ideas on what to make, but I want to know what the application of your dreams are. To find out I posted this tweet on Twitter:

What’s the Windows Mobile application of your dreams? I will pick the best suggestion, develop it and distribute it for free! #WinMo

This post will be updated with the replies I get from the twitter community and when I get enough suggestions I will as stated pick on of them to develop and distribute for free. I might also post some “behind the scenes” source code while doing so.

When I have found the perfect idea for an application I will write a post with details about the chosen application. Comments to this post will also be added to the suggestion list.

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Apr 29

microsoft surface logoCurious about developing applications for Microsoft Surface? I can assure you that you are not the only one. I have done some research on how to get started doing so.

The first thing you need to do is to get hold of the Microsoft Surface unit, this is yet only available for commercial purchase. If you are working in a company that are a Microsoft partner or using/developing within the Microsoft family it should not be too hard to acquire one. Have a look here for detailed information on how to by the Microsoft Surface. Actually you can develop and test Microsoft Surface applications on your PC using the Surface simulator, but guess what this simulator is only available from the Microsoft Surface SDK and to get hold of this SDK you need to purchase the Surface Developer unit. With good connections within MS it should not be impossible to get access to the SDK and simulator without purchasing the unit…

The Microsoft Surface unit is available in two versions:

  • Commercial version that is delivered with Microsoft Surface Runtime software, Windows Vista  Business OS and all software required to run touch-enabled applications.
  • Developer version that is delivered with Windows Surface SDK 1.0, Windows Vista Business OS and all software required to run and test touch-enabled applications.

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Mar 08

soti_screenshotIf you want to remote control your Windows Mobile device from your computer SOTI Pocket Controller is the right tool to use. You simple connect the device to your computer with USB or BT. The first time you try to remote your device with SOTI a small application is installed on your device. When this is installed you can use all the functions available on your device from your computer.

I have used SOTI when I am developing C#.NET Compact Framework applications. It’s then very easy to test and debug your application on the device but you run it from the computer. SOTI have a lot of nice functions like screen capture and print screen. Very handy when you are documenting your application.

I also like to have my phone connected to SOTI remote controller when I’m at my computer, then I can navigate in my phone using the mouse on my computer and I can write SMS using my keyboard.

This tool is very good to use for presentations when you need to show a live demo of your application. There are also functionalities like file synchronization, registry editor, system information, task manager etc.

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