Jan 08

We have entered 2010 and I am now actually enjoying (a lot of people are complaining) the cold and nice winter weather in Oslo (20 degrees Celsius below freezing). I have had a hectic start on this year preparing the start up of a large national project. This is very exciting and I find this a promising start on 2010.

2009 was the year that I started this blog. It has been interesting writing the posts and communicating with my readers. I have also learned a lot in 2009 and I will for sure continue writing posts on topics I find interesting.

To summarize 2009 I will list my top ten posts in 2009. This list is created based on visitors stats and my own rating of the posts (there are always some posts that you are more proud of and have spent more time writing than others).

Creating gradient background with transparent labels in .NET Compact Framework

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Sep 08

scrum sprint cycleThis is a follow up on a post I wrote earlier about how I like to use Scrum and ScrumWorks for my projects. After writing that post I have had some good discussions on how to manage bug fixing in a Scrum sprint. A good friend and former colleague of mine wrote a good post on how they achieve this in mBricks using JIRA and GreenHopper.

The last months I have been handling bug fixes and rapidly incoming change orders in ScrumWorks and this have been (in my opinion) a great success.

The first thing I did was to create two new releases in my uncommitted backlog. One called Bugfix and the other called ChangeOrder.

For each bug report I added the bug as a new backlog item under the Bugfix release and estimated it by detailing the backlog item with all tasks that needed to be done to fix the bug. When I added a new bug I also prioritized this bug against the already existing backlog items under the bugfix release.

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Apr 20


I have believed in using Scrum as a software development methodology since I first were introduced to Scrum back in 2005/2006. After a while I took the ScrumMaster certification (CSM) and started using Scrum as the preferred development methodology. During this time Scrum was getting very popular i Norway. It had become a buzz word and projects were either using Scrum or talking about using Scrum.

The majority of projects that I have been involved in after 2006 have been using Scrum or at least been highly influenced by Scrum. During this period of time I have found my preferred way of using this methodology. In this post I will talk about how I like to use the tools provided by Scrum. This is not a guide on how to use Scrum but more me telling what works for me.


Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 by Mountain Goat Software

The image above shows the Scrum life cycle:

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