Aug 31

In my pet project Run Smart With Me I decided to use GPS.NET 3.0 to handle the GPS functionality. GPS.NET is an open source project and can be found on CodePlex. My pet project will use the built in GPS device on mobile devices to track speed and distance when working out (running, cycling, skating).

In this post I will explain how I used the GPS.NET in my project.

I copied the following introduction to GPS.NET from CodePlex:

GPS.NET is a formerly commercial .NET component maintained by GeoFrameworks, LLC from 2004 to 2009. In 2009, Jon Person decided to release the full source code of GPS.NET to the public domain for the benefit of the open source development community. This version (3.0) is the latest release which had a short lifespan before being released here on CodePlex. The purpose of this framework is to deliver intuitive real-time GPS functionality with maximum laziness efficiency for all possible computers, mobile devices and NMEA-compliant GPS devices.

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Oct 18

The Run Smart With Me (RSWM) application is my Windows Mobile pet project and I have now decided on and designed the system architecture for this project.

The application will be built for the Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK with the .Net Compact Framework 3.5 version.

This project will be based on the Model View Presenter pattern (previous post about MVP). I have created a solution in Visual Studio 2008 called RunSmartWithMe, to this solution I have added 6 projects:

  • RunSmartWithMe: This is the startup project where I will have the main class and all my screens
  • RunSmartWithMe.Mvp: In this project I have created a namespace for Model, View and Presenter. In Model I will place business objects that I use in my application. In View I will keep the interfaces describing the views. In Presenter I will keep the interfaces describing the presenters and also the class implementation of the presenters.
  • RunSmartWithMe.Util: In this project I will place all my utility classes used through the application.
  • RunSmartWithMe.Dal: This is my Data Access Layer responsible for retrieving and storing data.
  • TechCon.Ui: In this project I will place all my custom controls and user controls.
  • TechCon.HardWare: In this project I will place all classes concerning hardware integration, in this specific project it will be the GPS unit on the device.

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Aug 12

I have now made the functional design for the RSWM project (my Windows Mobile pet project). The functional design is based on the user stories written earlier.

By creating functional design for your projects it is easier to get an idea about the final application and therefore help you make wise decisions at a early stage. I made this functional design by creating the different screens my application needs to fulfill the user stories. As a part of this I also made a screen flow map, showing the flow between the screens.

First I designed a main screen fulfilling user story 1.1 – 1.3

Main screen session started

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Jul 09

I will kick off the Run Smart With Me (RSWM) project by writing user stories. By doing so I will have a good idea on what functionality I need to implement in this Windows Mobile application. When writing these user stories I will use the template from my earlier post: Writing user stories for agile (Scrum) projects.

This post will show all user stories I have written for the RSWM application.

1 User stories

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Jun 20

pet-projectFor a while ago I asked on twitter and on my blog what the Windows Mobile application of your dreams are (earlier post asking about what kind of application I should develop). I did this to find inspiration on what kind of application I should develop when I’m now starting a new pet project. It’s always interesting listening to what kind of applications other people would like to have on their mobile devices.

I got several good suggestions but in the end I decided to take the first Windows Mobile application I made and develop it from scratch again. This was an application using the GPS on your device to track your movement and calculate current speed, average speed, distance covered, timer +++ The application were meant to be used when running to help you track progress and see all detailed information you often wonder about when you are done exercising.

I want to share my work with you on this project so as I start working on it I will write posts with code examples on how I do it. When this project is done, I will distribute it for free to you to enjoy:)

Why have a pet project?

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