May 27

Norwegian Developer Conference (NDC) 2010 starts 3 weeks from now and I am looking forward to this conference.

For a while ago I planned what sessions to follow on day one of this conference and now I have planned what sessions to follow on day two.

My tentative plan for day two:

On day two I focus on Silverlight, Windows Phone and project management.

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Mar 05

I just finished reading The art of unit testing by Roy Osherove and I find this book a must have or at least a must read book for everyone interested or involved in unit testing. The author, Roy Osherove, is the chief architect at Typemock and he is by many considered to be one of the lead resources in the world when it comes to unit testing.

This book is suitable for both unit testing “first timers” and persons that are more experienced within the field of unit testing.

Part 1 (chapter 1 and 2) of the book introduces you to the world of unit testing and how to get started.

Part 2 (chapter 3, 4 and 5) focuses on stubs, mock objects and isolation frameworks.

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Jun 04

ndc09It’s just two weeks until Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) 2009 are held at Telenor Arena. I’m really looking forward to three days filled with sessions held by great speakers. The two first days have 7 parallel tracks to chose between and 6-7 sessions in each track. The last day have 6 parallel tracks and are called Norwegian Agile Day focusing on agile development and agile development methodology.

I have been looking at the agenda several times and it’s very hard to chose what sessions to attend due to the overall high quality and interesting topics. Below you can see my tentative list of sessions I will attend.

Day 1 (17th June)

  • Keynote by Robert C. Martin
  • Jump into Windows Presentation Foundation!… and become immediately effective (Tim Huckaby)
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