Mar 30

htc_touch_proThis firmware update was released 16th February 2009 so it’s not very new but it solves many of the issues I have had with my HTC Touch Pro. It’s quite easy to do this update and it can be downloaded from the HTC official support site. Just follow the instructions on this page. You need the serial number to download this firmware upgrade, this is located under the battery.

What issues does this firmware update solve? It is listed 5 specific issues on the download page that will be solved by updating to this firmware version.

1. The display of TouchFLO 3D sometimes may appear cracked.
2. When taking a picture, the auto focus function may malfunction in some circumstances.
3. In some circumstances, the preview screen will become black after taking picture.
4. In some circumstances, the device may hang while loading TouchFLO 3D.
5. When hanging up a phone call, there may be a delay in the display response.

I have experienced issue 1, 4 and 5 on my phone, but after updating to this firmware version I have not been troubled any more :) and I really hope that it will stay this way. Continue reading »

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