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ipsGPS (Global Positioning System) is a well known technology used for tracking and navigating. Everyone that have used GPS knows that the signal is blocked when you are inside a house, in a garage or surrounded with tall buildings. IPS (Indoor Positioning System) is a technology used for positioning were GPS can not be used. The most common technologies for IPS are radio, infrared or ultrasound signals.

Lets have a quick look at the three different IPS technologies.


IPS based on radio signals can use WLAN or Wi-FI. Advantages using this: Low cost, exists a lot of places and covers large areas and could work across multiple buildings. The disadvantage is low accuracy.

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Mar 19

wissb_rfid_3A few weeks ago I attended a partner meeting at RFID Innovasjonsenter AS (web page only in Norwegian) which is a center for research, development and testing on new RFID solutions. We talked about a new RFID show case room/center that is planned to be in operation by the start of 2010. I’m very excited to see what the result of this will be. They are planning a 500 square meters area showing how RFID can be used through the whole life cycle of a product.

But what really caught my attention was the METRO Group Future Store Initiative founded in mid-2002 with more than 85 companies from retailing, consumer goods, IT and service sectors. The aim for this initiative is to drive forward the modernization process in retailing. They say that RFID is the key technology for future retailing.

An important element in their research is the real, – Future Store located in Toenisvorst (Germany). This is a store with 8600 square meters of selling area and it’s filled with new technology that ordinary people can use while they are shopping. They have a Mobile Shopping Assistant application which can be used to prepare shopping lists at home, scan products at the store and accelerate the check-out process. They have a smart freezer that I really like. This is a system to ensure top quality on the fresh meat that are packed and placed in a self-service refrigerated counter. When the meat are packed they place a Smart Chip on the package and the chip can be read by integrated RFID readers in the refrigerator. The Smart Chip is using EPC (Electronic Product Code) that can contain all kind of data. Here is an example on data stored in the Smart Chip.epc1By using this system the Master Butcher shop will get a message when they are running low on some goods so they can quickly start producing more fresh meat packages. They will also get a message when any of the goods are closing in on the best before date.

future store shopping cartThey also have several different ways of paying for the goods you buy at the Future Store. You can pay by using your finger prints, self scanning or by using the Mobile Shopping Assistant.

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