Jan 28

I have now completed reading the “Succeeding With Agile – Software Development Using Scrum” book written by Mike Cohn. In this book Mike Cohn is walking you through the world of Scrum step by step. Each parts and chapters in the book are addressing important subjects when using Scrum in software development. Each chapter contains one or several “Things to try now” sections. This way you are encouraged to stop and actually try what you are reading about in your own organization or projects. I really liked these sections, although I didn’t try them all they made me stop and think for a moment before continue reading.

The book is well written with a lot of real life examples and the graphs and images makes reading the book even more enjoyable. The book consists of five parts, 22 chapters and 475 pages. One thing that struck me while reading the book was that I was amazed by all the numbers and facts Mike Cohn had gathered for this book, must have spent a large amount of time just researching and collecting facts for the book.

Part 1 – Getting Started

  • Why becoming agile is hard (but worth it)
  • ADAPTing to Scrum
  • Patterns for adopting Scrum
  • Iterating toward agility
  • Your first projects

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Jun 14

It’s just three days (2 1/2 to be specific) left until Norwegian Developer Conference 2010 starts and I am really looking forward to it. To shorten the time waiting for this I have planned my day three at the conference.

I have earlier planned my day one and day two at this conference.

My tentative plan for day three:

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Dec 04

I have earlier written a post about writing user stories for agile (Scrum) projects. During several projects I have now refined the way I do this and in this post I will explain my preferred way to write user stories.

I have changed my mindset when writing user stories by using the INVEST acronym. The INVEST acronym is 6  rules of thumb that you use when writing/defining the user stories.


You can read more about the INVEST-model in Mike Cohn’s book User storied applied – For agile software development.

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Jun 04

ndc09It’s just two weeks until Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) 2009 are held at Telenor Arena. I’m really looking forward to three days filled with sessions held by great speakers. The two first days have 7 parallel tracks to chose between and 6-7 sessions in each track. The last day have 6 parallel tracks and are called Norwegian Agile Day focusing on agile development and agile development methodology.

I have been looking at the agenda several times and it’s very hard to chose what sessions to attend due to the overall high quality and interesting topics. Below you can see my tentative list of sessions I will attend.

Day 1 (17th June)

  • Keynote by Robert C. Martin
  • Jump into Windows Presentation Foundation!… and become immediately effective (Tim Huckaby)
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