Sep 16

surface_musicI have been very fascinated by the Microsoft Surface since the first time I tried it (earlier post about my first experience with Microsoft Surface). The development kit have now been available for quite a while and I was curious about what kind of applications have been developed.

This post is a quick summary of the different applications I have found so far.

You have off course the standard applications: surfing, newspaper reader, music player, map ++ but I want to find out if there are any creative and new applications being developed.

Razorfish Emerging Experiences have developed several MS Surface applications. I liked the table toss application where you toss bean bags on a target and get your score calculated. Other applications from Razorfish: Physics Illustrator, Financial Services, Staff Directory and AT&T Retail. Looks like a very interesting team founded in 2008 stating: “The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals focused solely on emerging experiences and technologies”.

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Apr 29

microsoft surface logoCurious about developing applications for Microsoft Surface? I can assure you that you are not the only one. I have done some research on how to get started doing so.

The first thing you need to do is to get hold of the Microsoft Surface unit, this is yet only available for commercial purchase. If you are working in a company that are a Microsoft partner or using/developing within the Microsoft family it should not be too hard to acquire one. Have a look here for detailed information on how to by the Microsoft Surface. Actually you can develop and test Microsoft Surface applications on your PC using the Surface simulator, but guess what this simulator is only available from the Microsoft Surface SDK and to get hold of this SDK you need to purchase the Surface Developer unit. With good connections within MS it should not be impossible to get access to the SDK and simulator without purchasing the unit…

The Microsoft Surface unit is available in two versions:

  • Commercial version that is delivered with Microsoft Surface Runtime software, Windows Vista  Business OS and all software required to run touch-enabled applications.
  • Developer version that is delivered with Windows Surface SDK 1.0, Windows Vista Business OS and all software required to run and test touch-enabled applications.

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Mar 19


Earlier today I was at the MSDN Live Oslo conference (earlier post about MSDN Live Oslo) and between the sessions we went around to the stands that several Microsoft partners had in the lobby area.  On one of the stands they had the Microsoft Surface table displayed. Along with my colleague and other curious conference attendees we tested the Surface table for quite a while.

It didn’t take me long fall in love with this table! We played around testing the applications installed and exploring the possibilities. I think this table had 32 touch points so several persons could use the table at the same time. At one time we were 5 persons using the music player. We could look at albums, send songs to the play list and easily send an album over to the person on the other side of the table. My thought about this: I want this integrated in my living room table! Can you imagine how cool it would be if you are throwing a party and all your guests can browse your music albums and together make the ultimate play list :)


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