Nov 23

It is now soon 6 months since I started in a new job as CTO at mBricks and in this post I will explain what we do at mBricks.

Even if I just started in this job for 6 months ago I have a long history with mBricks. I started in mBricks back in 2005 (fresh out of school) and was a part of the core team writing the very first code lines that today is a part of what we call mBricks SDK. I worked there til 2009 and then I decided to widen my horizons and try something else for a while. I am now very pleased to be back in mBricks. The circle is closed :)

mBricks facilities located at Lysaker, Norway in our mother company Teleplans' building

What is mBricks?

mBricks is a software company focusing on mobile applications. We do all kind of consulting within the mobile application area but what we are most proud about is our cross platform solution for developing/building mobile applications. This is what really makes mBricks stand out in the crowd.

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Aug 06

One of my main area of interest is mobility and I read a lot of blogs and news sites to keep my self up to date. In this post I will share some of my favorite blogs and sites about mobility with you. The last 1 1/2 year I have mainly been working with Microsoft technology when it comes to mobility and therefore you will see a majority of Windows Phone and Windows Mobile blogs in this list.

The Windows Team Blog is a good place to start if you want to be updated on what the Windows teams are up to. There are three blogs I often read on this site:

Windows Mobile 6 Developer Blog, Windows Phone Developer Blog and Windows Phone Blog

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May 30

iphone-enterpriseI have always liked iPhone with it’s superb user interface and wide range of applications. Just after a few months on the market iPhone sat a new standard for usability concerning mobile devices and applications for mobile devices. In my opinion iPhone changed the user patterns for mobile devices and quickly helped maturing the mobile application market ( mBricks’ thoughts about what Apple have achieved for the mobile application market with their iPhone).

For quite a long time I thought that iPhone would only reach into the private market with consumer applications distributed via AppStore. Based on the low percentage penetration in the total market and the proprietary solutions I never thought that iPhone would set any noticeable foot prints in the enterprise market. I might have been wrong…

HansaWorld ,which provides integrated business solutions for the accounting, ERP, CRM, e-Business, retail (POS), production and hotel sectors, have now regarding to (Article in Norwegian) enabled some of their ERP and CRM functionality for iPhone and iPod Touch clients. This technology have been available since early 2009 and it made me wonder if Apple will be able to take some shares on the enterprise market.

By enterprise market I do not point to calendar, e-mail and sync applications but to custom built business solutions like ERP , field worker, process control and data capture applications.

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Apr 28

mobile devicesIt is a tough technology race in the mobile software business that have been ongoing since the early years of applications for mobile devices. I have been developing mobile applications for several years and asked my self many times; who will win this race? After all these years I still ask my selves (and others) the same question, I guess that is why I enjoy this business so much :)

I were asked at work today if I could help contributing on a presentation about mobile application trends, therefore I will write some of my thoughts regarding to this. The technologies I find most interesting are: Android, iPhone, Java ME, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Let’s have a closer look at these.

htc androidAndroid

This is a software platform and operating system based on the Linux kernel. Android were announced in 2007 by Google but are now owned and founded by the Open Handset Alliance. This technology is quite new and the first official handset have just reached the markets. I think that with the smooth design, open source licensing, Google and several large manufactures behind this will be a technology to recon with in the future. Android have already a large amount of developers and applications in their community. It will be very interesting to follow Android and see what kind of market shares they will be able to get in the next years.

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Mar 10

iphonesimulatorI have added a plugin called WPtouch on this blog. Reading this blog from iPhone or iPod touch will now give you an iPone application-like look and feel. This should also work for Android phones (have been tested on the T-mobile G1). I hope you enjoy:)

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