Jul 08

The Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community are together with Microsoft Norway hosting a Windows Phone 7 application contest. The three best Windows Phone 7 applications/games entered in this contest will win a HTC Windows Phone 7 device!

Who can participate in this contest

Anyone located in Norway and a member of Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC) can enter in this contest. If you are not a member of WPDC you can free of charge become a member by registering at WPDC’s group at The content in this group is only available in Norwegian at the moment, but everyone located in Norway are welcome to join us.

The contest

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Nov 27

Nokia 5110Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend of mine were we talked about the impressive evolution the mobile industry have faced the last 10-15 years. He then asked me if I could remember my first mobile phone and could tell him that I got a Nokia 5110 back in 1998. I think I had this phone for like three years and it was impossible to break it. Once I left the phone on the roof of my car with the result that my phone got airbourne in about 80 km/h. I stopped the car and tried to find my phone but I only found the front cover (separated from the phone) lying on the road. Then a friend tried to call me and we could hear the phone ringing from a field further down the road. It was just to put the front cover back on and the phone worked perfectly well and only had a scratch on the battery. Try doing that with an iPhone!

This made me think of all the phones I have had since 1998 and I thought it would be fun to try to remember all of them. Below you will see a list with all the phones that I have had (at least the phones that I can remember)

  • Nokia 5110
  • Nokia 6230
  • Nokia 6600
  • Sony Ericsson K700i
  • Nokia N75
  • Sony Ericsson W950i
  • Sony Ericsson W880i
  • Sony Ericsson W960i
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • Samsung Omnia 2

I have been working with application development for mobile devices the last 5 years so I have also used phones like Motorola, LG, Blackberry and iPhone.

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