Apr 28

mobile devicesIt is a tough technology race in the mobile software business that have been ongoing since the early years of applications for mobile devices. I have been developing mobile applications for several years and asked my self many times; who will win this race? After all these years I still ask my selves (and others) the same question, I guess that is why I enjoy this business so much :)

I were asked at work today if I could help contributing on a presentation about mobile application trends, therefore I will write some of my thoughts regarding to this. The technologies I find most interesting are: Android, iPhone, Java ME, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Let’s have a closer look at these.

htc androidAndroid

This is a software platform and operating system based on the Linux kernel. Android were announced in 2007 by Google but are now owned and founded by the Open Handset Alliance. This technology is quite new and the first official handset have just reached the markets. I think that with the smooth design, open source licensing, Google and several large manufactures behind this will be a technology to recon with in the future. Android have already a large amount of developers and applications in their community. It will be very interesting to follow Android and see what kind of market shares they will be able to get in the next years.

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Apr 08

search-enginesI’m not an expert on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but when I started this blog I read a bit about it and did a few adjustments to my blog. I did not do this just to get more hits on my blog.  I’m investing time writing posts here and therefor I would like it to be available for as many as possible.

I will list some simple tips & tricks that will help improving your rank in search engines.

The first and most common pitfall for bloggers is the duplicate content penalty. Content are duplicated all over the blog and the main page often shows a lot of text. The best way to avoid this is by only displaying the first part of your posts. This is why you find the “read more” link and not the complete posts on my main page. Another thing you should do to help avoid this is only showing a summary in your RSS-feeds. I have also told Googleboot to stay away from my feeds by adding this in the robots.txt file:

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /feed/$
Disallow: /feed/rss/$
Disallow: /trackback/$

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