Jan 22

I have now been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab for about four months and this is my thoughts about this device.

The device

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is very solid and feels good in your hand. The display is a 7 inch WSVGA display and it is running Android 2.2. I am impressed by the battery capacity and even though I use the device quite a lot I only have to charge it now and then. It’s also very handy that you can use the device as a phone with a SIM card. I don’t use it very often as a phone but it’s nice to be able to go online when there is no wireless networks available.

The display is very good and watching videos, images or just surfing the web is no stress for the eyes. Some persons are criticising the device because the think the 7 inch display is to small… In my opinion that has nothing to do with the device. For me the size is perfect and if you wanted a larger display, well you should have bought the iPad 😉

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