Mar 12

htc_wrench2Today I got some good tips on how to tweak the performance on my HTC Touch Pro (earlier post about my experiences with HTC Touch Pro). Some of the functions on the phone have been quite slow and sluggish, especially the home screen and the TouchFLO 3D system. My phone was due for some tweaking…

I started with downloading the Advanced Configuration Tool, version 3.3.  After installing the CAB file on your device it can be accessed from Start –> Programs –> Advanced Config. From this application you can do a lot of useful changes on your phone and also some not so useful but very cool changes :) Why don’t set the phone to mute ring tone from incoming calls when flipping it face down…

I did two changes to make the phone more responsive:

1. Open Advanced Config –> Performances and change File system cache size to 8MB.

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Mar 08


I have now been using my HTC Touch Pro for a good month and will share some of my experiences with this mobile. I have only had Sony Ericsson and Nokia before so I was a bit skeptical of switching to a Windows Mobile driven phone.

When I got the phone I liked the way it looked and the way it felt. The size is just about right in my opinion, it’s a bit thick but that was expected since this phone have a slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard it selves is good to type with and after a little practice I was writing sms and e-mails at a decent speed.

With the TouchFLO 3D system the home screen and the most used functions (contacts, sms, e-mail, calendar etc.) are very easy to use and navigate to. For the rest of the functions you need to open the well known start menu to access them (post about boosting the performance on TouchFLO 3D system).

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