Sep 08

scrum sprint cycleThis is a follow up on a post I wrote earlier about how I like to use Scrum and ScrumWorks for my projects. After writing that post I have had some good discussions on how to manage bug fixing in a Scrum sprint. A good friend and former colleague of mine wrote a good post on how they achieve this in mBricks using JIRA and GreenHopper.

The last months I have been handling bug fixes and rapidly incoming change orders in ScrumWorks and this have been (in my opinion) a great success.

The first thing I did was to create two new releases in my uncommitted backlog. One called Bugfix and the other called ChangeOrder.

For each bug report I added the bug as a new backlog item under the Bugfix release and estimated it by detailing the backlog item with all tasks that needed to be done to fix the bug. When I added a new bug I also prioritized this bug against the already existing backlog items under the bugfix release.

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