Apr 14

microsoft_silverlightI attended the MSDN Live Oslo conference 19th March and went to two sessions about Silverlight 2. This post is a short summary from the Silverlight 2 sessions. Both session were held by Jonas Follesø a Senior Consultant at Capgemini, Trondheim. Jonas is a highly skilled lecturer and it was both fun and interesting following his speeches. You can read his blog at

The first session was about building business applications using Silverlight 2. To demonstrate and show code examples Jonas had a nice Dive log application (since I’m a scuba diver myself I enjoyed this). The main focus in this session was about using separate presentation layers by making use of patterns like Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). Instead of writing the whole application with code-behind, MVVM should be used and take advantage of the Data Binding and Commands. This way the designer can do his design in Blend without concerning about the code behind the functionality. He also stated that Silverlight 2 is a subset of WPF and .NET and that Silverlight 2 can use the built in security in the web browser.

The second session had tips & tricks for Silverlight 2 developers.

  • Re-compress the XAP file which is just a standard ZIP file, by doing so you can increase the size by 20-25%.
  • Enabling deep linking by using HTML-bridge and Java-script lib.
  • Printing in Silverlight 2 by using the HTML-bride and some features in ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Testing your Sliverlight 2 application (unit testing and continuous integration).
  • More on designing Silverlight 2 applications by using Blend.

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