Aug 14

I want to be able to access my data (images, videos, movies, music and documents) from all my different computers and devices. I have two laptops, a stationary computer, mobile phones and a receiver. I want these units to be able to use and store data to a centralized storage area. After doing some research I decided to buy the Western Digital My Book World Edition 2 with 4 TB storage capacity.

The WD My Book World Edition comes with two separate disks and I configured it to mirror these two disk. That way I have 2 TB of storage capacity and if one of the disks fails I still have the data on the other disk. Securing my data was also one of the reasons that I bought this external disk. It would be a shame to for example loose all my images if my laptop was stolen. In this post I will write about how I use the disk and what configurations I have made to it.

This NAS (Network Attached Disk) is connected to my router at home and can be reached by all devices connected to my wireless network. Configuring the disk is very easy and most of the simple configurations can be done via the WD Discovery software that follows the disk. There you can name the disk, create folders and map network drives to your computer. I have mapped the most used drives to all my devices this way I don’t really notice that I am working on the NAS and not on my local disk.

Screenshot from the WD Discovery software

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