Feb 25

A few weeks ago I finally got my new AlienWare M15x laptop and the high quality appeared from the moment I opened the box. Every components was nicely and safely packed in high quality materials, even the user manual was bound with nice black leather with the AlienWare logo in metal on top. Luckily the high quality impression continued as I got the laptop unpacked and started it for the first time.

The laptop it self is quite impressive just to look at, with a kind of stealth inspired design and a lot of lights that can be configured. My personal favorite is the AlienWare logo on the back of the screen showing people around you that this is a laptop with an attitude.

So the AlienWare (by the way produced by Dell) is nice to look at and feels like a high quality product, but that is not the reason I bought it. This is just a nice bonus you get when buying a AlienWare product. I choose this machine because of its performance that is just great. I can do all my software development projects with out any problems (handles this much better than my top specified laptop at work), I can play all games available because of the great GeForce graphic card.

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