Dec 14

USB LTE-dongleCongratulations to NetCom and TeliaSonera, they opened the first operative LTE-net (4G) in the world today. This net is now launched in Oslo and Stockholm with about 2/3 of the Oslo area covered! NetCom will continue this work and are aiming for 100% coverage in Oslo in the near future.

NetCom started selling USB LTE-dongles today (manufactured by Samsung) so that NetCom customers in Oslo can start using the LTE-net on their computers today. This gives you a theoretical speed of 100 mbps but I guess that the more realistic speed will be about 10-20 mbps.

I live in Oslo but I am a Telenor customer so I need to wait for Telenor to get their LTE-net up running.

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Jun 06

netcomNetcom succeeded to connect to a commercial LTE-net, as the worlds’ first, just a few days ago. They did this by connecting a laptop to the Internet using a LTE-modem. Netcom have already several LTE-cells up running in Oslo. Netcom predicts their LTE-net to be fully commercial available in 2010 (in Oslo). The LTE-technology are delivered by Huawei and they work close together implementing the system.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) are often called 4G, the next generation mobile radio communication technology. This technology can theoretical provide you with 150 mbps which is amazing compared to Turbo 3G, the fastest mobile radio communication technology available today, with its’ 7,2 mbps!


The drawback with LTE is the high cost infrastructure because the limited range for each LTE-cell. I guess this technology will only be made available in the major cities the first years. Lucky for me I live in Oslo and hopefully I will be able to test the LTE-net soon. I wonder if Telenor will go for LTE-technology as well (I have read that Telenor will test the LTE-net this summer)?

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