Jul 06

As a Microsoft MVP I was given three Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription activation cards for me to give away. This is to celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4. I chose to distribute these activation cards to persons in online communities and I used twitter to see how many I could reach.

I announced a ReTweet contest from my twitter account.

I have 3 Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription (12 months) to give away. RT this and you might be the lucky one!

I was quite amazed by the number of re-tweets and totally the numbers of RT ended on 42.  All this in less than 16 hours!

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May 06

Yesterday Windows Mobile asked this question on Twitter (windowsmobile):

Question for developers: what are the top 5 questions you would have when investigating application development for mobile devices?

My response to this question were:

@windowsmobile device fragmentation, GUI possibilities, transport protocol, patterns & practices and application distribution

I don’t know if they were asking this on a technical view or on a business view, but since I’m a “tech head” I gave them my technical view on this question.

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Apr 08

htc_touch_pro_bugsMy HTC Touch Pro has started tearing on my patience. I’ve had this phone since early February and I have experienced too many issues/bugs for this period. This is very sad because I really like the phone; the look, the feel, functionality and usability. But simple software bugs/issues makes this phone hard to like.

I was very positive when I found that they had released a firmware update (earlier post about updating HTC Touch Pro firmware) and I thought that this would solve my issues. It did but… it also introduced new issues :(

I’m now running on the latest firmware (at least the latest that I have found on the official HTC support pages). Below I list the issues I find very irritating now:

  • The key lock doesn’t work anymore. When I press the “hangup” soft key for a while the screen just blinks and is back to normal. Before the firmware update this would enable the key lock/screen lock.
  • The new sliding functionality for reacting on incoming calls are also nice but some times it is impossible to actually slide it to the left or right (resulting in unanswered calls).
  • The white light flashing once in a while to indicate new actions that you need to respond to is flashing even if I have no new SMS or unanswered calls.
  • When I have started writing a SMS and decides to slide out the keyboard the SMS is often lost and the main menu is displayed.

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Mar 07

mcprgbFor the past three years I have been working with Java (mainly J2ME) but now I have started using C#.NET technologies. To get a jump start and get to know C#.NET better I signed up for a Microsoft certification. I choose exam 70-536 : TS: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation. The time was short, I now had only one month to go from Java to C#.NET.

Lucky for me the similarities between Java and C#.NET are clear so I could take use of my Java experience. By the way for Java developers emigrating to C#.NET this website is a good start to have a look at. It compares the Microsoft C# programming language to Sun Microsystems’ Java programming language.

I ordered the MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536) which contains:mcts-training-kit

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