Nov 23

It is now soon 6 months since I started in a new job as CTO at mBricks and in this post I will explain what we do at mBricks.

Even if I just started in this job for 6 months ago I have a long history with mBricks. I started in mBricks back in 2005 (fresh out of school) and was a part of the core team writing the very first code lines that today is a part of what we call mBricks SDK. I worked there til 2009 and then I decided to widen my horizons and try something else for a while. I am now very pleased to be back in mBricks. The circle is closed :)

mBricks facilities located at Lysaker, Norway in our mother company Teleplans' building

What is mBricks?

mBricks is a software company focusing on mobile applications. We do all kind of consulting within the mobile application area but what we are most proud about is our cross platform solution for developing/building mobile applications. This is what really makes mBricks stand out in the crowd.

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Jul 03

On Friday I got a pleasant e-mail from Microsoft with the subject: “Congratulations 2011 Microsoft MVP”. I am very happy and humble to be recognized by Microsoft for the work I have done for the communities the last year.

I also got awarded the Microsoft MVP Award in 2010 and I’m looking forward to be a part of the MVP program for one more year. During my year as an MVP I have had the pleasure of meeting many other MVPs and also connected with some of the core teams in Microsoft. I am already looking forward to see many MVPs (both new and returning) at the Global MVP Summit 2012 in Redmond, Seattle.

Thank you Microsoft for re-awarding me with the MVP Award :)

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Jul 01

Earlier today I received an e-mail with the subject: “Congratulations 2010 Microsoft MVP”. I had almost forgotten that I was nominated for the MVP award 4 months ago and I nearly choked on my coffee and continued humbly to read the e-mail.

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Device Application Development technical communities during the past year.

You can read more about the Microsoft MVP Award at Microsoft MVP website.

Receiving this award inspires me greatly and I will keep up and hopefully share more of my work to you through this blog and online communities.  I will also continue working with the Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community and I really hope that this will become a natural place to meet for Norwegian Windows Phone developers.

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Oct 02

NITHThis fall I will be teaching .Net mobile programming (.Net Compact Framework) at The Norwegian School of Information Technology (NITH) together with my good friend and colleague Alexander Viken.

We will hold a 3 hours session each week filled with lecturing, programming and discussions. I find it a great privilege to be able to talk about mobile development with the students and hopefully we will be able to motivate them with “real life” experience stories from projects we have been involved in.

We will cover subjects like:

  • GUI and usability
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Persisting data
  • Device interaction
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Deployment

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