Jan 22

I have now been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab for about four months and this is my thoughts about this device.

The device

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is very solid and feels good in your hand. The display is a 7 inch WSVGA display and it is running Android 2.2. I am impressed by the battery capacity and even though I use the device quite a lot I only have to charge it now and then. It’s also very handy that you can use the device as a phone with a SIM card. I don’t use it very often as a phone but it’s nice to be able to go online when there is no wireless networks available.

The display is very good and watching videos, images or just surfing the web is no stress for the eyes. Some persons are criticising the device because the think the 7 inch display is to small… In my opinion that has nothing to do with the device. For me the size is perfect and if you wanted a larger display, well you should have bought the iPad 😉

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Aug 14

I want to be able to access my data (images, videos, movies, music and documents) from all my different computers and devices. I have two laptops, a stationary computer, mobile phones and a receiver. I want these units to be able to use and store data to a centralized storage area. After doing some research I decided to buy the Western Digital My Book World Edition 2 with 4 TB storage capacity.

The WD My Book World Edition comes with two separate disks and I configured it to mirror these two disk. That way I have 2 TB of storage capacity and if one of the disks fails I still have the data on the other disk. Securing my data was also one of the reasons that I bought this external disk. It would be a shame to for example loose all my images if my laptop was stolen. In this post I will write about how I use the disk and what configurations I have made to it.

This NAS (Network Attached Disk) is connected to my router at home and can be reached by all devices connected to my wireless network. Configuring the disk is very easy and most of the simple configurations can be done via the WD Discovery software that follows the disk. There you can name the disk, create folders and map network drives to your computer. I have mapped the most used drives to all my devices this way I don’t really notice that I am working on the NAS and not on my local disk.

Screenshot from the WD Discovery software

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Feb 25

A few weeks ago I finally got my new AlienWare M15x laptop and the high quality appeared from the moment I opened the box. Every components was nicely and safely packed in high quality materials, even the user manual was bound with nice black leather with the AlienWare logo in metal on top. Luckily the high quality impression continued as I got the laptop unpacked and started it for the first time.

The laptop it self is quite impressive just to look at, with a kind of stealth inspired design and a lot of lights that can be configured. My personal favorite is the AlienWare logo on the back of the screen showing people around you that this is a laptop with an attitude.

So the AlienWare (by the way produced by Dell) is nice to look at and feels like a high quality product, but that is not the reason I bought it. This is just a nice bonus you get when buying a AlienWare product. I choose this machine because of its performance that is just great. I can do all my software development projects with out any problems (handles this much better than my top specified laptop at work), I can play all games available because of the great GeForce graphic card.

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Nov 27

Nokia 5110Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend of mine were we talked about the impressive evolution the mobile industry have faced the last 10-15 years. He then asked me if I could remember my first mobile phone and could tell him that I got a Nokia 5110 back in 1998. I think I had this phone for like three years and it was impossible to break it. Once I left the phone on the roof of my car with the result that my phone got airbourne in about 80 km/h. I stopped the car and tried to find my phone but I only found the front cover (separated from the phone) lying on the road. Then a friend tried to call me and we could hear the phone ringing from a field further down the road. It was just to put the front cover back on and the phone worked perfectly well and only had a scratch on the battery. Try doing that with an iPhone!

This made me think of all the phones I have had since 1998 and I thought it would be fun to try to remember all of them. Below you will see a list with all the phones that I have had (at least the phones that I can remember)

  • Nokia 5110
  • Nokia 6230
  • Nokia 6600
  • Sony Ericsson K700i
  • Nokia N75
  • Sony Ericsson W950i
  • Sony Ericsson W880i
  • Sony Ericsson W960i
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • Samsung Omnia 2

I have been working with application development for mobile devices the last 5 years so I have also used phones like Motorola, LG, Blackberry and iPhone.

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Nov 11

samsung omnia 2I have now been using the Samsung Omnia II for a while and these are my first impressions.

The first thing I noticed with the phone was the large and very sharp 480 x 800 pixel 16,7 millions colors AMOLED screen. The phone is filled with technology and software for most of your needs.

The second thing I noticed and very much enjoyed was the possibility to customize your home screen with a lot of useful widgets. You can also download additional widgets if the original ones pre installed on the phone does not support your needs. You have three home screens and can switch between them by sliding your finger over the screen to the left or to the right. I have set up one home screen for work mode, one for private mode and the other with useful widgets and short cuts for all kind of situations.

In the beginning I had problems to make the GPS work with the built in navigation software (Route 66) but after I while I made it work and it’s actually a good navigation software to use.

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Mar 08


I have now been using my HTC Touch Pro for a good month and will share some of my experiences with this mobile. I have only had Sony Ericsson and Nokia before so I was a bit skeptical of switching to a Windows Mobile driven phone.

When I got the phone I liked the way it looked and the way it felt. The size is just about right in my opinion, it’s a bit thick but that was expected since this phone have a slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard it selves is good to type with and after a little practice I was writing sms and e-mails at a decent speed.

With the TouchFLO 3D system the home screen and the most used functions (contacts, sms, e-mail, calendar etc.) are very easy to use and navigate to. For the rest of the functions you need to open the well known start menu to access them (post about boosting the performance on TouchFLO 3D system).

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