Feb 18

For about two weeks ago I went to a mini seminar at Grand Hotel in Oslo hosted by BizAgi. The main subject for this seminar was how to describe and create business processes in BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) using the BizAgi Process Modeler. This application is free and can be downloaded from BizAgi download page.

The seminar was interesting with a solid and professional presentation and demonstration of BizAgi, their software portfolio and how these can be used solving complex business processes. The BizAgi Process Modeler is easy to use with its intuitive user interface and it is a very good tool to use when you need to describe or create business processes.

BizAgi Process Modeler

One quite annoying thing with BizAgi Process Modeler is that it can be tricky to align all your boxes and arrows. My brain can not avoid focusing on this and I end up spending time “polishing” my diagrams. One alternative to BizAgi is MagicDraw that is a very powerful program for all kind of modelling.

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Feb 12

Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC) announced the program for their second meetup today. The event will take place at The Scotsman in Oslo 4th March and is now open for registration.

The program for this evening is very good and I encourage everyone interested in Windows Mobile/Phone development to attend (speeches are in Norwegian).


  • Frank Dahle will talk about usability and design for small screen devices.
  • Ronny Gydar and Trine Nesland from Gydar Industries will talk about their applications and how they use the Windows Mobile technology (.Net CF 3.5).
  • Kristine Bjørnstad, acting Windows Phone lead in Microsoft Norway will talk about the news announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Dec 04

global_11237958Yesterday was a historic day for the Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community. The first meeting for this community was successfully held at NITH.

12 members attended and we started the meeting with pizza and a discussion about the goals and visions for this community. We find it important to be able to meet other Windows Phone/Mobile developers so that we can share experience and knowledge within this community. It is also very inspiring to listen to other developers talking about their projects and applications.

We want this community to become a natural meeting place for Windows Phone/Mobile developers in the future and I honestly think we can make that happen.

Alexander Viken and Jørn Mikal Jensen (both colleagues of mine from ErgoGroup) presented and demonstrated Bring Online Terminal. This is a Windows Mobile solution developed for the Norwegian postal services and are currently running on 9000 PDAs!

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Oct 17

windows phoneFinally, we have decided to start a Windows Phone Developer Community in Norway. I will do this together with my good colleague Alexander Viken and we will be responsible for running and facilitating this community. Before we started this group we discussed it and had a meeting with Microsoft Norway, so they are supporting this initiative and will help us getting hold of good and interesting speakers for the upcoming meetings.

The purpose of this community is to have a place where Windows Mobile/Phone developers can meet and exchange knowledge within this field. In the near future we will create a website for this community with a forum, blog posts and useful information. We have created a meetup group were we will announce all meetings and events. We have scheduled the first meeting for this group Thursday, 3th December in Oslo. This will be the start up meeting were we will present the group and discuss what this group should do from this point on. We are also looking for persons that are interesting in helping us organize and facilitate the community.

You can find the Windows Phone Developer Community at and read more about the group and the upcoming meeting 3th December (text in Norwegian).

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Oct 07

Windows MarketplaceTo boost Windows Mobile 6.5 development and applications added to the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Microsoft announces the race to market challenge. They challenge you to develop application(s) and add them to the Windows Marketplace.

It looks like Microsoft will be focusing more on the mobile market in the future and as a part of this they have changed the name from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Windows Mobile will still be the name of the OS on the phones, but Windows Phone will be the branding name.

Microsoft will reward:

  • The developer whose paid application earns the most revenue within the contest period.

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Jun 04

ndc09It’s just two weeks until Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) 2009 are held at Telenor Arena. I’m really looking forward to three days filled with sessions held by great speakers. The two first days have 7 parallel tracks to chose between and 6-7 sessions in each track. The last day have 6 parallel tracks and are called Norwegian Agile Day focusing on agile development and agile development methodology.

I have been looking at the agenda several times and it’s very hard to chose what sessions to attend due to the overall high quality and interesting topics. Below you can see my tentative list of sessions I will attend.

Day 1 (17th June)

  • Keynote by Robert C. Martin
  • Jump into Windows Presentation Foundation!… and become immediately effective (Tim Huckaby)
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Apr 14

microsoft_silverlightI attended the MSDN Live Oslo conference 19th March and went to two sessions about Silverlight 2. This post is a short summary from the Silverlight 2 sessions. Both session were held by Jonas Follesø a Senior Consultant at Capgemini, Trondheim. Jonas is a highly skilled lecturer and it was both fun and interesting following his speeches. You can read his blog at

The first session was about building business applications using Silverlight 2. To demonstrate and show code examples Jonas had a nice Dive log application (since I’m a scuba diver myself I enjoyed this). The main focus in this session was about using separate presentation layers by making use of patterns like Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). Instead of writing the whole application with code-behind, MVVM should be used and take advantage of the Data Binding and Commands. This way the designer can do his design in Blend without concerning about the code behind the functionality. He also stated that Silverlight 2 is a subset of WPF and .NET and that Silverlight 2 can use the built in security in the web browser.

The second session had tips & tricks for Silverlight 2 developers.

  • Re-compress the XAP file which is just a standard ZIP file, by doing so you can increase the size by 20-25%.
  • Enabling deep linking by using HTML-bridge and Java-script lib.
  • Printing in Silverlight 2 by using the HTML-bride and some features in ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Testing your Sliverlight 2 application (unit testing and continuous integration).
  • More on designing Silverlight 2 applications by using Blend.

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Mar 17

msdn_liveI’m going to MSDN Live in Oslo the 19th March. This is a one day conference with seven sessions, 45 minutes each, covering a wide range of Microsoft technology.

The sessions are:

  • Business applications with Silverlight 2 (post about this session)
  • Tips & tricks for Silverlight 2 developers (post about this session)
  • Windows 7 for developers
  • Cloud computing – application platform for the future
  • WPF done right
  • ASP.Net: Learn how to build applications that are easier to troubleshoot
  • ASP.Net MVC: A new framework for developing more structured and test driven applications

I will add posts on some of the subjects covered after the conference.

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