Mar 25

wgt_logo1What is more fun then when technology meets your hobbies. Today I came across an online interactive golf game were you can play single player or play multi player challenging your friends. First I tried it just for fun, but after hitting a few strokes I got interested in the technology behind this game.

The company World Golf Tour is based in San Fransisco and claims that they provides the world’s most authentic online golf experience. I believe them because when I tried this game I played the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island Golf Resort with amazing HD graphics. To achieve this they have taken about 100 000 high-definition images of this course from both the ground and by helicopters.

They are also using physics to get the golf experience as realistic as possible. They combine several factors like; the club you pick, wind speed and direction, timing of your swing and the surface of the grass.

The game is built on the Flash technology and the top layer graphic (on top of the HD images) are very nice as well. If you are into golf or just want to see how good graphics can be for online games you should go to and check it out. Fooooore!

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Mar 08

soti_screenshotIf you want to remote control your Windows Mobile device from your computer SOTI Pocket Controller is the right tool to use. You simple connect the device to your computer with USB or BT. The first time you try to remote your device with SOTI a small application is installed on your device. When this is installed you can use all the functions available on your device from your computer.

I have used SOTI when I am developing C#.NET Compact Framework applications. It’s then very easy to test and debug your application on the device but you run it from the computer. SOTI have a lot of nice functions like screen capture and print screen. Very handy when you are documenting your application.

I also like to have my phone connected to SOTI remote controller when I’m at my computer, then I can navigate in my phone using the mouse on my computer and I can write SMS using my keyboard.

This tool is very good to use for presentations when you need to show a live demo of your application. There are also functionalities like file synchronization, registry editor, system information, task manager etc.

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Mar 07

deliciousI recently started in a new job and after a day or two a colleague of mine asked me if I used Delicious. I had never heard of it and he kindly showed me how it works. After using it for a few hours a new world (within my bookmarks chaos) opened up for me. This is just a fantastic tool and I can not understand why I have not heard about this before.

You simply create a user account and start adding your bookmarks there. You can specify title, description and tags for each bookmark you save. Delicious have plug-ins for the most used web browser and by installing the plug-in you get fast access to the main functions. I installed it on FireFox 3 (my preferred browser) and it works very smoothly.

You can also share your bookmarks with other users.

When using delicious you can easily access all your bookmarks no matter what computer you are using.

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