Mar 25

It is not enough to just develop mobile apps and publish them to the different app markets – you must also make sure that the app is working and not causing any problems for your customers (or users if you like). To make sure that the app is working as intended you will run it through initial tests (often using test cases) and fix the issues you have found before you publish. We all do this, some more structured than others, but in a way or other the app is tested, fixed and published. This will never be enough and here is why: Diversity.

By diversity I mean that you will never be able to anticipate all possible situations that will occur when a huge amount of users are running the app on different OS (iOS, Android, WP7 ++) and again different phones/tablets on the various OS. I think it is a fact you just need to accept; there will most likely be some kind of unidentified bugs hiding in the app when you publish it. You should do everything you can to minimize the error factor, but you will need to have a good strategy on how to deal with the unidentified bugs. This is where live crash reports and BugSense comes in to play.

In a normal app life cycle you will continue development (new or improved features) and fix errors reported by the users. I think that the errors reported by users is just the top of the ice berg. If your app is pointed to the mass consumer market I guess that only 10-20% of errors are being reported (have no numbers to back this up, but it is my gut feeling). This means that 80% of the users will accept the issue and live with it or just simply stop using your app because of issues annoying them.

Live bug reports will enable you to stay one step ahead. You can then fix errors before they are reported by the app users. A good tool for live bug reports across the major OS is BugSense. What I like with BugSense is that it is really powerful while still being easy to use. It only takes one line of code and a library to use it in your app. BugSense supports iOS, Android, WP7, HTML5 and Google AppEngine. You get a nice dashboard with statistics and details about bugs that have occurred in your app. When you look at an error you get a lot of good information that will ease your process of recreating and fixing it. You will see what device and OS version the users have, is WiFi enabled, users location ++. You can even have users experiencing issues notified when you have fixed it.

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Sep 17

After watching the BUILD keynote and the awesome Windows 8 demos I was very eager to test it my self. Today I installed Windows 8 (or Windows Developer Preview as they call it). The installation process was very easy and as they promised the whole process took only about 15 minutes.

This article is written from Windows 8 on a Acer Ferrari 5000 laptop I had stowed away. I installed it from USB key by following the guide I found at

Windows 8 running on my Acer Ferrari 5000

My first impressions

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Mar 10

Receiving the Microsoft MVP Award is first of all a great recognition from Microsoft telling you that they appreciate the work you have done in technology communities. Another great thing that follows this award is free access to a lot of products (beside the MSDN subscription).

Until recently I was only aware of a few of these product offers but lately I have found that the list of product offers is long and impressive. In this post I have collected links to Microsoft MVP product offers

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Oct 29

Microsoft My PhoneMicrosoft My Phone is a service for synchronizing the data on your Windows Phone to a web account. I tested this service when it was released in beta and have not used it since, until today. I have not used it because I am using active sync to synchronize my contacts, calendar and mail with outlook. Today I took a firmware (ROM) update on my phone and wanted to store more information like images, sms, videos, music and documents. That’s when the My Phone service came in handy.

A lot have happened since the last time I used this service. First of all the user experience on the phone is much better and there are more functionality now than before. To start using this you simply install a small application on your phone and register for an account with your Windows Live pass.

You can choose what to synchronize from a menu on the phone were the options are:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Text messages
  • Browser favourites
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Documents

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Sep 16

surface_musicI have been very fascinated by the Microsoft Surface since the first time I tried it (earlier post about my first experience with Microsoft Surface). The development kit have now been available for quite a while and I was curious about what kind of applications have been developed.

This post is a quick summary of the different applications I have found so far.

You have off course the standard applications: surfing, newspaper reader, music player, map ++ but I want to find out if there are any creative and new applications being developed.

Razorfish Emerging Experiences have developed several MS Surface applications. I liked the table toss application where you toss bean bags on a target and get your score calculated. Other applications from Razorfish: Physics Illustrator, Financial Services, Staff Directory and AT&T Retail. Looks like a very interesting team founded in 2008 stating: “The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals focused solely on emerging experiences and technologies”.

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Jul 07

Finally the summer has arrived and vacation time is closing in. During the summer and especially during my vacation I will spend as little time in front of the PC as possible, but I still want to be able to access the most important services. Luckily the amount of mobile applications have exploded the last years and you can find an application for almost everything these days. You also find a lot of creative not so useful but quite interesting applications. tweeted about one of these not so useful but fun applications earlier today:

IntoMobile: Mobile app tips you when to have a restroom break during movies

I will list the applications I have installed on my HTC Touch Pro that I will be using this summer as a desktop/laptop replacement. As you can see from the list below the most important for me this summer is to be able to check/send e-mails and to follow/participate in my social networks on the net.

PockeTwit (Windows Mobile app)

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Jul 07

MyMobileRUsually I use SOTI Pocket Controller when I want to remote control a Windows Mobile device (post about SOTI Pocket Controller). Today I were working on a laptop with no remote control software installed and since SOTI is licenced I started looking for a freeware application. I found MyMobileR and it took me 5 minutes to install active sync, MyMobileR and connect my HTC Touch Pro to the laptop.

MyMobileR works very well and have the most important functionalities for a remote control application:

  • View the mobile device screen on your PC and use it with you mouse pointer
  • Take screen shots
  • Record videos
  • Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Rotate screen
  • Open file explorer for the mobile device

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Jun 20

ZoomIt is a tool from Windows Sysinternals and enables you to easily zoom and draw on your screen. This tool is perfect for technical presentations and product demonstrations. ZoomIt is easy to install and it takes you no more than five minutes to get used to using ZoomIt.


The image above shows how you can zoom and draw using ZoomIt. When ZoomIt are running it will zoom and center on the mouse pointer position when you click Crtl + 1 . Ctrl + 2 enable you to draw either free hand drawing, box, ellipse or arrow. I have seen presentations were the presenter used ZoomIt, I was so impressed due to the professional look ZoomIt added to the presentation. I’m not so impressed anymore because I know that it takes you 1 minute to install ZoomIt and about 5 minute to get used to learning it:) Great presenters tend to have great tools.

You can choose your own key shortcuts from the ZoomIt options screen.

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May 22

delivr-logoI have been testing for a while now and I must say that I see great potential in this service. I have been in contact with David Harper (CEO of and he told me that is in an early beta right now, but still it’s very functional. I have never experienced any problems using this service so by beta I guess David Harper means that there will be much more functionality added later on.

What can you do by using

You can create a short mobile/twitter-friendly url, kinda like tinyurl. For example the url for my blog is: (to make it even shorter you can remove your user name: The unique with this url is that if you go to the url via a mobile device you will get a mobile friendly web page showing your content.

Delivr creates a mobileOK landing page for media and web sites you share

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May 03

percentmobileHave you ever wondered how many percent of the traffic on your web site are generated from mobile devices? Thanks to PercentMobile there are no need wondering anymore.

I got in contact with David Harper the founder and CEO of PercentMobile and he kindly gave me a free invitation code so I were able to test the Mobile Analytics by PercentMobile. Mr. Harper is a productive man, he is also the founder and CEO of and (were he joined original TigTags founders; Stan Weichers and Alex Rondeau). He provided me with a free invitation code for me to share with my readers. I have now tested PercentMobile for a couple of days and I will share my experiences with you.

It is very easy to get started. Just go to and sign up. When signing up use the all exclusive invitation code for readers: haveflag

The next step is to add some lines pixel-based code to your site, place it in the body tag of the pages you want tracking for. I’m using WordPress and added this code right after the body tag in my header.php file. This is all you need to do, now you need to wait for mobile traffic and for your account to be activated (took a little bit over 24 hours before I could see my report).

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