May 04

I have not been active visiting my own blog lately and when I opened it today it did not look very good. Actually it was broken with an error message on the top of the page and no posts/articles showing.

Warning: Parameter 1 to fb_update_comment_type_cache() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/breathin/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 230

php_issue earlier today when I first noticed this issue

Since I had not attended the website for a while I hoped that just doing some updates of WordPress and plugins would fix the problem but it did not. It is the theme I am using that is causing this problem and I am not updating the theme since I have done a lot of changes to it.

It was very easy to fix this and here is what I did (in case you struggle with the same issue).

  1. Open the funtions.php file
  2. Look for the update_comment_type_cache function
  3. Remove the “&” from the function parameter

Old code line

fb_update_comment_type_cache(&$queried_posts) {

New code line

fb_update_comment_type_cache($queried_posts) {

4. Save functions.php with the modified code and reload you WordPress site. It should now be running as normal again. You might need to clear the cache to see it work.

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