Mar 18

Together with Alexander Viken I am running and organizing the Norwegian Windows Phone Developer Community (WPDC), this post pretty much sums up what WPDC has done until now and will be doing in the future.

WPDC was founded in October 2009 and we have had 6 meetups since then. We started WPDC because we wanted to create a community for Norwegian Windows Phone developers and arrange quarterly meetings where members meet, network and enjoy interesting presentations.

Today WPDC has around 150 members and at average 30-40 members attends the quarterly meetings. We are glad to see that these numbers continue to increase.

WPDC has had presentations covering marketplace, usability, application presentations, development patterns & best practices. Phone vendors have presented their WP7 phones and our sponsor Glasspaper arranged a WP7 quiz where the winner got a course worth 3500 USD.

Microsoft Norway has also been a great sponsor helping us to get speakers and together with them we arranged a WP7 app contest where the three best apps got a Windows Phone 7.

Sigurd Snørteland was one of the WP7 app contest winners and he is here holding a presentation telling about how he developed his app (Foto: Marius Jørgenrud

Some of our meetings have been covered by Norwegian press:

We are also happy to see that companies are getting interested in sponsoring WPDC, this way we will be able to get good speakers, serve food and have cool events.

The next WPDC meetup will be arranged 26th May in Oslo.

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