Feb 18

I have just completed reading the book 97 things every programmer should know – Collective wisdom from the experts. In this book Kevlin Henney has collected 97 tips from a wide range of well known experts.

Each of the 97 tips are straightforward and only two pages long, this gives you just enough information to get the concept.

The book is easy and fun to read and I also find the book useful and educational. There were several tips in the book that wake my interest and I will for sure look deeper into the subjects.

Some of the 97 tips you find in the book:

  • The Boy Scout Rule (Robert C. Martin)
  • Don’t just learn the language, understand it’s culture (Anders Norås)
  • Read Code (Karianne Berg)
  • Step back and automate, automate, automate (Cay Horstmann)
  • Write code as if you had to support it for the rest of your life (Yury Zubarev)

It’s a good book and I recommend programmers to read it. As the title states, this is 97 things that every programmer should know.

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