Aug 12

I am responsible for the local scuba dive club, Ikornnes Dykkerklubb, back home in Sykkylven. To make it easier for club members and others to follow what is going on at the website I decided to integrate it with Facebook.

First I created a page for Ikornnes Dykkerklubb at Facebook and registered a developer account to my personal profile so I could add a application to connect with the fan box also added to the web page. Now I wanted to have information about new posts at the website published to the Facebook page and I also wanted comments on posts at the webpage to be published.

My first approach was to use Facebook Connect API and add the logic to the website. I have never used the Connect API before and I am not usually coding in php (the website is running WordPress) so I decided to try to find an easier way to achieve this. I also installed some WordPress plugins, some of these plugins did the job but I was not 100% satisfied.

Then I asked on Twitter if anyone knew how to do this (follow me on twitter):

Is it possible to automatically take comments posted on a web page (#wordpress ) and publish them to a #facebook site?

It took only a minute or two before I got answer to my question (follow the answerer on twitter):

@PerOla Yes, check into the Comments RSS feed and look at RSS Graffiti on Facebook.

The answer was obvious, course it is easier to make facebook listen to the website feeds and publish these. I added the RSS Graffiti application to my facebook profile. I disabled it for my personal profile and enabled it for the Ikornnes Dykkerklubb page. Then I added the post rss feed and the comment rss feed. That is all you have to do to have comments or new posts on a website being published on Facebook.

Settings page for RSS Graffiti usage on Facebook

Comments from the website are now published on Facebook

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5 Comments to “Using RSS Graffiti to publish on Facebook”

  1. shruthi says:

    How would a sample RSS required for RSS Graffiti look like? Can I Have the Sample rss

  2. Hi shruthi,
    This is the link to the RSS feed I used in the example above:

  3. cant get via graffiti on my phone.

  4. Hi kopano makgale,

    I have never tried graffiti from a phone. But I can’t see any reasons that it shouldn’t work from a phone as well.

  5. forex us says:

    How do you start a website for a clothing company?

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