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The MSDN & TechNet Live tour 2010 in Norway visited Oslo as the final destination 26th April. Microsoft invited me to join them on this tour and to be on their Windows Phone stand, off-course I accepted this invitation.

I was not able to be in all of the four cities this tour visited, but I got to be in Stavanger and Oslo. The period this tour lasted was the same period that Norway and the rest of Europe had to shut down the air traffic because of the ash cloud from the volcano eruption on Iceland. This caused some difficulties for the crew, speakers and partners to get to the different cities. Despite the difficulties the tour was completed successfully.

Facts from my car computer: Oslo - Stavanger - Oslo

I needed to travel by car from Oslo to Stavanger and this is normally an 8 hours drive each way. We thought that it would be exciting to drive from Oslo to Stavanger via a route we had never driven before and ended up on a spectacular and very long drive. During the drive we had all the 4 seasons with sunny weather in Oslo, snow storm at a mountain passage (1060 meter above the sea level) and rainy weather in the long valleys. Easy to say we took the safe 8 hours drive route back home to Oslo :)

I really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and talk about Windows Phone 7, Compact framework, Marketplace and mobile technology and programming all in general. There is no doubt that Windows Phone 7 is the hottest subject these days and there were a lot of questions concerning release dates, functionality, applications and developer tools.

Windows Phone Developer Community hand-out cards

Windows Phone Developer Community hand-out cards

Since Alexander Viken and me are the founders of Windows Phone Developer Community we got to profile this community at the stand and Microsoft had printed some nice hand-out cards with information about the community on one side and information about where to download Windows Phone 7 developer tools on the other side. We handed out several hundreds of these cards during the tour and I hope this will lead to some new members of the community.

I would like to thank everyone who visited the Windows Phone stand, Microsoft for inviting me and ErgoGroup (my employer) for letting me spend a few days on this tour.

Windows Phone stand with ErgoGroup Mobile outsourcing profiling

Windows Phone and Windows Phone Developer Community profiling at the stand

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