Feb 18

For about two weeks ago I went to a mini seminar at Grand Hotel in Oslo hosted by BizAgi. The main subject for this seminar was how to describe and create business processes in BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) using the BizAgi Process Modeler. This application is free and can be downloaded from BizAgi download page.

The seminar was interesting with a solid and professional presentation and demonstration of BizAgi, their software portfolio and how these can be used solving complex business processes. The BizAgi Process Modeler is easy to use with its intuitive user interface and it is a very good tool to use when you need to describe or create business processes.

BizAgi Process Modeler

One quite annoying thing with BizAgi Process Modeler is that it can be tricky to align all your boxes and arrows. My brain can not avoid focusing on this and I end up spending time “polishing” my diagrams. One alternative to BizAgi is MagicDraw that is a very powerful program for all kind of modelling.

BPMN training course at ErgoGroup

After the BizAgi mini seminar I got quite interested in this subject and attended a full day training course in BPMN held by  ErgoGroup AS (my current employer) with instructors from EdiSys Consulting AS. The first part of the course was theoretical walking us through the most important elements in BPMN. The second part of this course was practical training were we created several business processes in BizAgi and discussed them in plenum.

These two sessions have opened my eyes to how BPMN can be used for documentation and also in work shops with customers to help define their needs and reveal weaknesses in their existing processes. In the near future I will also try to take this one step further and create business process diagrams (BPD) on a lower level so that we can use the diagrams to generate the processes into for example BPEL.

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2 Comments to “BPMN and BizAgi”

  1. Dirk says:

    Hello Per Ola (I guess that’s your christian name),

    I just came across you blog and i had the joy of watching the BizAgi presentation a few days earlier in Frankfurt. My first contact with them was about a year ago during an evaluation of Business Process Modeling Suites. Your absolutely right – the modeler is super intuitive to use but one shouldn’t expect model beauties. It definitely has its limitations when you are documenting a huge process landscape. From the modeling and documentation perspective i would suggest to have a look at Visual Paradigms “Visual Architect”.

    What seems extremely interesting to me about BizAgi though is their Express Edition. On first glance it allows an incredibly fast development of process driven web applications with login, security, database connection and all. At the moment I am spending a lot of time to dig into it. The ease of use reminds somehow of old VB only taken to the web.


  2. Thanx for the comment Dirk.
    I will have a look at the Visual Architect program. I also liked the BizAgi Express Edition. Hopefully I will find a suitable project where I can give this a try.

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