Jun 20

ZoomIt is a tool from Windows Sysinternals and enables you to easily zoom and draw on your screen. This tool is perfect for technical presentations and product demonstrations. ZoomIt is easy to install and it takes you no more than five minutes to get used to using ZoomIt.


The image above shows how you can zoom and draw using ZoomIt. When ZoomIt are running it will zoom and center on the mouse pointer position when you click Crtl + 1 . Ctrl + 2 enable you to draw either free hand drawing, box, ellipse or arrow. I have seen presentations were the presenter used ZoomIt, I was so impressed due to the professional look ZoomIt added to the presentation. I’m not so impressed anymore because I know that it takes you 1 minute to install ZoomIt and about 5 minute to get used to learning it:) Great presenters tend to have great tools.

You can choose your own key shortcuts from the ZoomIt options screen.

Another cool feature is the timer. Click Ctrl + 3 and a timer appears, you can easily increase/decrease the timer and from the options screen you can set it to use a dimmed version of your desktop as background. Very handy to use when you are having a 10 minutes break in your presentation.


The best of all, ZoomIt is free and can be downloaded from:

It is much more fun to attend a technical presentation when the presenter are using ZoomIt, then if he is fooling around in his IDE changing font sizes all the time.

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