Mar 25

wgt_logo1What is more fun then when technology meets your hobbies. Today I came across an online interactive golf game were you can play single player or play multi player challenging your friends. First I tried it just for fun, but after hitting a few strokes I got interested in the technology behind this game.

The company World Golf Tour is based in San Fransisco and claims that they provides the world’s most authentic online golf experience. I believe them because when I tried this game I played the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island Golf Resort with amazing HD graphics. To achieve this they have taken about 100 000 high-definition images of this course from both the ground and by helicopters.

They are also using physics to get the golf experience as realistic as possible. They combine several factors like; the club you pick, wind speed and direction, timing of your swing and the surface of the grass.

The game is built on the Flash technology and the top layer graphic (on top of the HD images) are very nice as well. If you are into golf or just want to see how good graphics can be for online games you should go to and check it out. Fooooore!


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