Oct 02

NITHThis fall I will be teaching .Net mobile programming (.Net Compact Framework) at The Norwegian School of Information Technology (NITH) together with my good friend and colleague Alexander Viken.

We will hold a 3 hours session each week filled with lecturing, programming and discussions. I find it a great privilege to be able to talk about mobile development with the students and hopefully we will be able to motivate them with “real life” experience stories from projects we have been involved in.

We will cover subjects like:

  • GUI and usability
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Persisting data
  • Device interaction
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Deployment

We have already had the first lecture about GUI and usability (Alexander wrote a post about this lecture).

I’m looking forward to the remaining lectures this semester, our goal is that the students shall obtain enough knowledge to start developing high quality applications by the end of the semester.

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