Nov 11

samsung omnia 2I have now been using the Samsung Omnia II for a while and these are my first impressions.

The first thing I noticed with the phone was the large and very sharp 480 x 800 pixel 16,7 millions colors AMOLED screen. The phone is filled with technology and software for most of your needs.

The second thing I noticed and very much enjoyed was the possibility to customize your home screen with a lot of useful widgets. You can also download additional widgets if the original ones pre installed on the phone does not support your needs. You have three home screens and can switch between them by sliding your finger over the screen to the left or to the right. I have set up one home screen for work mode, one for private mode and the other with useful widgets and short cuts for all kind of situations.

In the beginning I had problems to make the GPS work with the built in navigation software (Route 66) but after I while I made it work and it’s actually a good navigation software to use.

I had all my settings from my HTC Touch Pro on Microsoft My Phone (previous post about Microsoft My Phone) so it took me like two minutes before I had all my contacts, e-mails, images etc. on my Samsung.

When I started writing e-mails and text messages with the phone I missed the slide out QWERTY keyboard that I’m used to but actually the software keyboard is quite good and I am getting used to it. On thing I do not like is that the send button is so close to the keyboard that in the beginning I accidentally sent some half written e-mails and text messages.

This phone is shipped with the Windows Marketplace for Mobile application, right now there are just a few application but I hope there will be plenty useful and entertaining applications available i the future (read about the race to market challenge).

Hopefully I will soon have the time to develop a WM 6.5 application and test it on this phone.

To sum it all up I like this phone and the more I use it the more I like it.

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