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ndc09It’s just two weeks until Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) 2009 are held at Telenor Arena. I’m really looking forward to three days filled with sessions held by great speakers. The two first days have 7 parallel tracks to chose between and 6-7 sessions in each track. The last day have 6 parallel tracks and are called Norwegian Agile Day focusing on agile development and agile development methodology.

I have been looking at the agenda several times and it’s very hard to chose what sessions to attend due to the overall high quality and interesting topics. Below you can see my tentative list of sessions I will attend.

Day 1 (17th June)

  • Keynote by Robert C. Martin
  • Jump into Windows Presentation Foundation!… and become immediately effective (Tim Huckaby)
  • Working Effectively with the Legacy Code: Taming the Wild Code Base (Michael Feathers)
  • Productive Windows Communication Foundation (Juval Löwy)
  • Zen of Architecture (Juval Löwy)
  • The Haacked and Hanselman Show (Phil Haack & Scott Hanselman)
  • Design Sense Deep Lessons in Software Design (Michael Feathers)

Day 2 (18th June)

  • Test Driven Development: Understanding Test Driven Development (Roy Osherove)
  • Unit Testing Best Practices (Roy Osherove)
  • Software Design and Testability (Jeremy D. Miller)
  • Clean Code: Functions (Robert C. Martin)
  • Clean Design: SOLID Principles I and II (Robert C. Martin)
  • XML Messaging in .NET using Windows Communication Foundation (Ted Neward)
  • Choosing the Right Data Access Technology (Michele Bustamante)

Day 3, Norwegian Agile Day (19th June)

  • The Lean Frame (Mary Poppendieck)
  • User Stories (Mike Cohn)
  • Agile Estimating (Mike Cohn)
  • Reliable Delivery (Mary Poppendieck)
  • A Decent Proposal (Kevlin Henney)
  • Prioritizing Your Product Backlog (Mike Cohn)

I will also attend the party after day 2 were Datarock and Loveshack will be playing :)

I’m really looking forward to all these great sessions and also to meet and talk with other developers.

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