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MyMobileRUsually I use SOTI Pocket Controller when I want to remote control a Windows Mobile device (post about SOTI Pocket Controller). Today I were working on a laptop with no remote control software installed and since SOTI is licenced I started looking for a freeware application. I found MyMobileR and it took me 5 minutes to install active sync, MyMobileR and connect my HTC Touch Pro to the laptop.

MyMobileR works very well and have the most important functionalities for a remote control application:

  • View the mobile device screen on your PC and use it with you mouse pointer
  • Take screen shots
  • Record videos
  • Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Rotate screen
  • Open file explorer for the mobile device

I think this is a great application considering that it is freeware. I will still use SOTI as my main remote control software but if you don’t want to pay MyMobileR is a great alternative. SOTI have more functionalities but MyMobileR cover the most basic needs.

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6 Comments to “MyMobileR – remote control your Windows Mobile device”

  1. Corey Monroe says:

    I am trying to install soti on my htc fuze b/c my screen no longer works and i need some of the information that was in my text messages. my screen is still touch responsive but it shows no picture. do you know what all i have to push or do you have any step by step screen shots to help me through the in the dark installation. i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

    Corey Monroe

  2. That sounds like a frustrating problem… I will try to help you as good as I can. Hopefully it is just your display that is broken so you will be able to see the screen in SOTI.

    Installing SOTI on your device:
    1. Download Pocket Controller Pro to your desktop and install it there.
    2. Start Pocket Controller Pro on your desktop.
    3. Connect your device to the computer using Active Sync (Win XP) or Windows Device Center (Win Vista).
    4. I am using active sync and lock is enabled so I need to enter my 4 digits pin after connecting the device to the desktop before the active sync connection is enabled.
    5. Go to SOTI Pocket Controller on your desktop and choose connect to mobile device.
    6. You get a question if you want to install the Pocket Controller Pro device software –> select Yes.
    7. Give it a minute or so, the software is installing on the device (which you can not see).
    8. You should now be able to see you device screen in SOTI Pocket Controller. If not you can try to hit connect once more.

    So the only thing I need to do on my device to get this installed is to enter my pin to get the active sync connection. You should be able to do this “in the dark”.

    I hope this was helpful and good luck recovering your data :)

  3. Øyvind S. V. says:

    Hi, I have almost the exact problem, only with a very very bad twist. My HTC Touch HD screen is non-responsive due to all the pressure points over-pressured and “oilpatches” all over it. Unfortunately I had the screen lock on it, so I have no chance of entering any pin whatsoever on the actual phone.

    Is there a way to connect a remote keyboard device to it so I can enter my pin?

    There is some information I must have on it before sending it in for repair (where you know they will erase / replace the device).

  4. I think it is possible to buy a keyboard that you can connect to your phone via USB or Bluetooth. But I do not know if you need to do some kind of installation that requires you to use the touch screen before you can use the keyboard.

    Good luck :)

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