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Finally the summer has arrived and vacation time is closing in. During the summer and especially during my vacation I will spend as little time in front of the PC as possible, but I still want to be able to access the most important services. Luckily the amount of mobile applications have exploded the last years and you can find an application for almost everything these days. You also find a lot of creative not so useful but quite interesting applications. tweeted about one of these not so useful but fun applications earlier today:

IntoMobile: Mobile app tips you when to have a restroom break during movies

I will list the applications I have installed on my HTC Touch Pro that I will be using this summer as a desktop/laptop replacement. As you can see from the list below the most important for me this summer is to be able to check/send e-mails and to follow/participate in my social networks on the net.

PockeTwit (Windows Mobile app)


Download from

With this application it is easy to follow tweets from twitter and you can post your own tweets and manage your account.

I like the GUI for this application were you slide to the left to see the main menu and you slide to the right to see info about the highlighted tweet. Took me a few minutes to get used to this but now it is very easy and intuitive to use this application.

Main functionality:

  • See all tweets from the Twitter users you are following
  • Write your own tweets
  • Add pictures
  • Add GPS position to your tweets
  • RT support
  • Follow/unfollow twitter users
  • Multiple account support

You can follow me on Twitter:

Windows Live Messenger (Windows Mobile app)

Windows Live Messenger

This application was embedded on my HTC Touch Pro when I got it.

Easy to use application with the same functionality as your desktop version, at least the most important ones. The look & feel is not great but it works.

You can:

  • See all online contacts
  • Start chat with one or more of them
  • Change your status
  • Add contacts
  • Send pictures or files

Facebook (Windows Mobile app)


Download from

This is a great application from Windows Mobile, easy to use with a good and intuitive GUI with a lot of functionality:

  • See status updates and messages
  • Update your own status
  • Add video or pictures
  • See all friends
  • Look at your wall
  • Phone book with phone numbers for all your friends (if they have added this in their profile)

Gmail (Java ME app)


Download from

This application enables you to check your Gmail account.

Main functionality:

  • View inbox, outbox and drafts
  • Read e-mails
  • Reply/send new e-mails
  • Search for e-mails
  • View contact list
  • Multiple account support

Browsers (embedded on device)

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer



On the first image you can see my blog viewed from Internet Explorer, it is optimized for mobile devices. On the second image you can see my blog viewed from the embedded Opera browser. Using the built in Opera browser will not give you the mobile device optimized view but the ordinary web view. I use the browsers to read blogs, news, google and surf the net.

With all these applications on my mobile device I will still be able to do my most important tasks without having to touch a computer :)

All application screenshots in this post were taken with MyMobileR (post about MyMobileR).

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