Mar 18

ms_tagI looked at a blog by Lars Wilhelmsen about Microsoft Tag and suddenly found this quite interesting. I have been reading about this system earlier but I didn’t find it interesting at that time. After installing the application on my phone and scanning some tags I wanted to try this myself.

These tags can be used to store all kind of information like vCards, free text, url and dialer by simply installing an application on your phone and point the camera at the tag. To install the application direct your phone’s browser to

You can now try to read my tag with your application:


How to create your own tags:

  • Go to Microsoft Tag page
  • Sign in or create a new account (it’s free)
  • Choose create tag
  • Select the type of tag you want to use (URL, free text, vCard or dialer)
  • Add the info you would like for the tag and hit save
  • Your tag is now stored and you can render it from the list at the bottom of the page

One more nice feature with this is that you can view a report for each tag you have made displaying how many times your tag has been scanned.

Microsoft states some advantages in using Microsoft Tags instead of ordinary 2D barcodes:

  • Designed from the beginning to work with the limited capabilities of a typical camera phone
  • Much smaller than other formats. Typical packaging application starts at 5/8 x 5/8”
  • Optimized for both print and video display
  • Enhanced Reed-Solomon error correction means Tags can still be read even if partially damaged
  • On many phones can decode using a direct real-time camera video stream, you don’t even have to “click” to read the code
  • Handles long URLs and allows for content to be dynamically changed
  • Tags are saved for later viewing and can be forwarded to someone else (no need to scan it again)

Only the imagination limits the possible usage for this technology. What do you want to use Microsoft Tags for?

You can read even more about Microsoft Tag and other barcode systems in a post written by my colleague Alexander.

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