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surface_musicI have been very fascinated by the Microsoft Surface since the first time I tried it (earlier post about my first experience with Microsoft Surface). The development kit have now been available for quite a while and I was curious about what kind of applications have been developed.

This post is a quick summary of the different applications I have found so far.

You have off course the standard applications: surfing, newspaper reader, music player, map ++ but I want to find out if there are any creative and new applications being developed.

Razorfish Emerging Experiences have developed several MS Surface applications. I liked the table toss application where you toss bean bags on a target and get your score calculated. Other applications from Razorfish: Physics Illustrator, Financial Services, Staff Directory and AT&T Retail. Looks like a very interesting team founded in 2008 stating: “The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals focused solely on emerging experiences and technologies”.


Table Toss

Then we have Stimulant and their ToneGrid application where users can create unique modern audio compositions collaboratively. They have also developed Microsoft Local Impact Map Surface Edition and a cool experiment were they placed the surface table on a Nintendo Wii balance board letting the users move objects by pressing on the edges of the table.



Coldwell Banker have developed a Home Search application were you can search for properties and browse neighbourhoods on the MS Surface.

IdentityMine have create several cool applications for MS Surface. My personal favourite is their Wine Guide were you can put wine bottles with a surface tag on the table and get information about the wine you are tasting. You can also give feedback about the wine. Other applications by IdentityMine: Air Hockey, CES Snowboard (design and customize snowboards), CES Winebar and a photo view + several concept applications.


Wine Guide

Phenomblue is also one of the companies developing applications for surface. They have some proof of concept applications like the Kyodai Ken Sushi Bar were you can play with an interactive menu. Genesis is an other proof of concept application were you can play with and manipulate the planets.


Kyodai Ken Sushi Bar

It is easy to see that a lot of creative work is beeing done for the Microsoft Surface, tough a bit limited due to the high costs when buying the developer kit with the surface table.

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  1. jamie cheshire says:

    I’m looking for free apps for surface table vista V1.0 Do you know af any resources??

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