Oct 29

Microsoft My PhoneMicrosoft My Phone is a service for synchronizing the data on your Windows Phone to a web account. I tested this service when it was released in beta and have not used it since, until today. I have not used it because I am using active sync to synchronize my contacts, calendar and mail with outlook. Today I took a firmware (ROM) update on my phone and wanted to store more information like images, sms, videos, music and documents. That’s when the My Phone service came in handy.

A lot have happened since the last time I used this service. First of all the user experience on the phone is much better and there are more functionality now than before. To start using this you simply install a small application on your phone and register for an account with your Windows Live pass.

You can choose what to synchronize from a menu on the phone were the options are:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Text messages
  • Browser favourites
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Documents

You can run synchronization manually or set up a time schedule for when to synchronize. After synchronization you can browse all these items from the My Phone web site and you can easily share pictures and videos to several social networks.

There are also some additional services you can select from the web (you can try these for free for a limited period only):

  • See the position for the phone the last time you synchronized (this is in beta and free to use).
  • Call your phone from the web, your phone will start ringing at high volume for 60 seconds even if the phone is muted or on vibration only. Very handy when you can’t find your phone.
  • Lock your phone so it can not be used by anyone else. You can also write a custom message that will be displayed on the phone.
  • Delete all data on the phone and memory card. The phone will also be reset to factory settings.

I really like this service because it is so functional and easy to use, there is no doubt that I will continue using it in the future.

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  1. Good information. Nowadays I just got a Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 inside mail from ebay, and it at this time would seem that it’s at stock settings to the Verizon Network. I program to utilize this cell phone on Metro PCS. I also wish to put Windows Mobile 6.five on right here, but I’m not positive which purchase I need to do this in. Ought to I acquire it to Metro PCS as is and have it activated, after which afterwards flash the ROM with 6.five? Or ought to I modify the ROM primary after which it carry it to Metro PCS? I’ve been browsing all-around and I’m unable to discover the response to this.

  2. Sorry, I can not help you with this. I would call the customer service at Metro PCS and ask them. I guess that it would be smart to do the 6.5 upgrade first because this upgrade most likely will reset your network settings…

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