May 30

iphone-enterpriseI have always liked iPhone with it’s superb user interface and wide range of applications. Just after a few months on the market iPhone sat a new standard for usability concerning mobile devices and applications for mobile devices. In my opinion iPhone changed the user patterns for mobile devices and quickly helped maturing the mobile application market ( mBricks’ thoughts about what Apple have achieved for the mobile application market with their iPhone).

For quite a long time I thought that iPhone would only reach into the private market with consumer applications distributed via AppStore. Based on the low percentage penetration in the total market and the proprietary solutions I never thought that iPhone would set any noticeable foot prints in the enterprise market. I might have been wrong…

HansaWorld ,which provides integrated business solutions for the accounting, ERP, CRM, e-Business, retail (POS), production and hotel sectors, have now regarding to (Article in Norwegian) enabled some of their ERP and CRM functionality for iPhone and iPod Touch clients. This technology have been available since early 2009 and it made me wonder if Apple will be able to take some shares on the enterprise market.

By enterprise market I do not point to calendar, e-mail and sync applications but to custom built business solutions like ERP , field worker, process control and data capture applications.

I wonder if the large enterprise applications are ready for iPone and vice versa?

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