Aug 12

I have now made the functional design for the RSWM project (my Windows Mobile pet project). The functional design is based on the user stories written earlier.

By creating functional design for your projects it is easier to get an idea about the final application and therefore help you make wise decisions at a early stage. I made this functional design by creating the different screens my application needs to fulfill the user stories. As a part of this I also made a screen flow map, showing the flow between the screens.

First I designed a main screen fulfilling user story 1.1 – 1.3

Main not startedMain screen session not started

Main started

Main screen session started

Then I designed a simpled menu screen


Menu screen

Based on user story 1.4 I designed two screens for displaying history


History screen

History detailed

History detailed view screen

Based on user story 1.5 I designed a screen to display progress

Progress distance

Progress screen (distance chosen)

Progress speed

Progress screen (avg speed chosen)

Finally I designed a GPS status screen based on user story 1.6

GPS on

GPS status screen (GPS on)

GPS off

GPS status screen (GPS off)

This is not the final design for my application, this is just a functional design draft. You should not be surprised if the final design is not even close the the screens you have seen above. But you will find the functionality described in the user stories and screens in the final version.

I also made a screen flow map to visualize how the user can navigate between the different screens.

main screen flow

Main screen flow

complete flow

Complete application flow

So, what is next? Now we have a great idea about the application and we can start thinking about the system architecture and we can let a designer make the final design with following design guide lines. If this were a customer paid project now would be a good time to sit down with the customer and walk through the functional design. The customer should be involved both in writing the user stories and making the functional design.

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  1. Charles says:

    Simple and effective as a tutorial on the subject, Per, very good job. Sometimes we don’t want to write such posts, thinking they are too basic and we can never know their real value. Great job, and thank you!

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