May 22

delivr-logoI have been testing for a while now and I must say that I see great potential in this service. I have been in contact with David Harper (CEO of and he told me that is in an early beta right now, but still it’s very functional. I have never experienced any problems using this service so by beta I guess David Harper means that there will be much more functionality added later on.

What can you do by using

You can create a short mobile/twitter-friendly url, kinda like tinyurl. For example the url for my blog is: (to make it even shorter you can remove your user name: The unique with this url is that if you go to the url via a mobile device you will get a mobile friendly web page showing your content.

Delivr creates a mobileOK landing page for media and web sites you share

In Delivr you can view a dashboard showing all your shares and by selecting one of your shares you have three different ways to distribute your share:

Socialize it:

Enables you to share it to many different social communities on the Internet. You can choose between; MySpace, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Jaiku, Google, Reddit and Plaxo.

Send it:

Here you can choose to send your mobile-friendly URL as a text message to a 10 digits US mobile number

Print it:

This will generate a PDF flyer with your page and a QR code. By using this option you can easily share your content by flyers. You can also choose  just to get an image with the QR code for your URL. You can download a QR code scanner for your mobile from this page. On the image below you can see the flyer generated for my blog.


Another great thing with Delivr is that you can view statistics for your share. From the dashboard you can see how many views and re-shares you share has. You can also view detailed stats, showing the percentage of mobile device views, number of QR scans, referrers ++

You can also follow other users and get acces to their shares. When visiting from a mobile device you get access to Everystream enabling you to browse through random shares. David Harper told me that they are working on a web-based share explorer.

I liked this service so much that I wanted to share it with my readers and I hope you enjoy testing it.

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  1. Esma says:

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