Apr 22

ferroelectricEver dreamed about a computer with zero boot-up time?  This can be reality if the researchers at Cornell University succeeds in their research on ferroelectric material and silicon. They have now been able to lay a ferroelectric material directly onto silicon. It’s the first time ever this have been done.

Ferroelectric materials are polar and the polarity can be changed from positive to negative by an electric field. The good thing with ferroelectric materials are that the polarity stay fixed when removing the electric field. Meaning that if the computer are using this technology for memory you can turn off the power and the current state will still be in the memory. When you turn the computer back on booting-up are not needed and you can directly continue were you left.

The researchers are stating that it’s still a long way to go and a lot can go wrong before this can be used as a switch in computers.

Read more about this at Boot-up time: Zero seconds

Read even more about this from Cornell University: Putting the squeeze on an old material could lead to ‘instant on’ electronic memory

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