Mar 07

smileySoftware development is like all other business driven by money. The overall goal for all projects is to get as much as possible done at the lowest possible cost. And off course the quality and functionality must be high. Due to this the project managers constantly asks them selves how to get the project members increase their efficiency. My simple answer to this is keep your developers happy!

By happy I don’t mean that the developers should be playing around at the office… This is more focused on the mind set. So what is a happy developer? Developers are different just like all other human beings but in my opinion there are several common factors that will apply to the majority of them.

Let the developers:

  • Be involved from a early phase of the project
  • Take part in scoping and estimating the project
  • Feel that they hava a part in the project
  • Be creative
  • Focus on their tasks and use some extra time when needed
  • Be involved in choosing methodology (Scrum, XP etc.)
  • Speak freely and listen to what they have to say

What I’m trying to say is that the developers should be involved in what they work with and how they work with it. When achieving this the moral and spirit in your development team will be high. Which again results in code being produced at both higher speed and quality.

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